Tips for Creating More Accessible Hybrid and Virtual Events

We tend to think of hybrid and virtual events as being easier for people with disabilities to attend than face-to-face events. However, hybrid and virtual platforms present their own challenges and potential barriers to enjoyment. That’s why, if you want to create truly inclusive online events, it can’t be an afterthought. Encore’s ProEDge webinar series … Read More

An in-person and virtual attendee join a hybrid event via mobile and laptop devices

Six Steps to Engaging Your Hybrid Event Participants

Need help getting guests engaged at your next event? Here are six steps. What started as a quick pivot to virtual events in the early stages of the pandemic has now shifted to hybrid events, and it’s now expected that hybrid events will remain a common format long after the pandemic is behind us. An ... Read More

Elevate Your Events with Concise

Are you seeking ways to elevate your events?  In the current environment everything still seems a little uncertain, and planning a virtual, hybrid or in-person meeting can be daunting.  Collaborating with our clients, being vested in their success, and truly partnering to help create the best outcomes is how we approach event planning challenges – be that deciding on the format, platform, or production solutions; ... Read More

Planning, Choreographing and Executing Exceptional Virtual and Hybrid Leadership Events

Keeping your leadership team informed, motivated and thriving is crucial to business success.   Traditionally leadership meetings tend to bring together larger regional senior management and leadership teams; usually recurring annually. They are primarily conducted to make important decisions, discuss metrics and to ensure that an organization’s operations are aligned with its strategy, targets and goals.   We’re seeing companies becoming more open to working differently; seizing the opportunity to grow stronger and be ... Read More

Empty stage with designed backdrop, presenter seats and cameras aimed at the stage

The World Is A Stage

Over the past year, the changing meeting landscape has required everyone to re-envision the way we connect with audiences. For clients and event teams across all industries, virtual and hybrid meetings are now a key component in bringing teams together from around the world to keep business moving forward.  We have some suggestions to make ... Read More

Male presenting in front of a branded stage, with behind the scenes equipment and live video feed visible on monitor

Three Equals One: Simple Math for Planners

Concise elevates events and creates dynamic experiences by seeing the world through three perspectives and delivering it with one outcome in mind: your success. Creating outstanding experiences for Participants, Presenters and Planners starts by understanding your needs and results in flawless virtual and hybrid event outcomes. Our expert team at Concise partner with clients to ... Read More

team meet with a planner client on a video call

Concise Service

Virtual Event Production — End-to-End Service is Key While we may be known for creating highly interactive and flexible event apps, customers mostly rave about the difference our people make. Clients appreciate the expertise, “can-do” attitude, and partnership approach of our team members. Now more than ever, we find that customers want white-glove, end-to-end service. ... Read More

Presenters on branded stage addressing in-person and virtual conference attendees

Keeping Connected with Virtual & Hybrid Events

According to Meeting Professionals International’s [MPI’s] 2021 Meetings Outlook survey, over half of meeting planners say their next in-person meeting is contingent on the distribution of a safe and effective vaccine. Virtual & Hybrid Events – Keeping Us Connected While planners keep an eye on the long-term safety and effectiveness of vaccines, they continue using ... Read More

Event planners discuss plans for a hybrid meeting

Planner Tips: Event Strategy and Design for Hybrid Meetings

Whether you’ve never planned a hybrid event or feel pretty confident in your abilities to deliver a seamless experience, there are strategy and design techniques for hybrid meetings that you can use now to elevate your next event. Just as you measured your in-person events’ success by stakeholder experience and event metrics, the same can ... Read More