May 3 2023
Concise Team

An annual general meeting (AGM) is the most important event on a company’s calendar as it’s an opportunity to communicate as well as gather insights from key investors. But you only have a limited time to convey lots of key information. How can you make the most of this precious time with investors to ensure …

Event Planning Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Mar 22 2023
Concise Team
Live events have taken on unexpected and surprising forms over the past several years. From the introduction of new technologies to the rapid transition to virtual and hybrid events in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, planners have had to adapt their events to a rapidly changing marketplace. Last year saw the gradual return of in-person ...

5 Ways to enhance your in-person events with an event platform

Mar 10 2023
Concise Team
Humans are social by nature. We are inherently driven to connect and create moments of belonging. This is where in-person events shine — they satisfy this innate human need while fostering a sense of community. By bringing participants together, you enable engagement on various levels, whether through direct communication, nonverbal cues or even physical touch, ...

Event planning industry trends and insights revealed by the Winter Planner Pulse

Feb 3 2023
Concise Team
The return of in-person meetings and events has been exciting to experience. Industry trends have shifted rapidly over the past year which has kept event professionals on their toes. Our Winter 2022 Planner Pulse Report indicates that 70 percent of planners are currently booking or sourcing new events. The industry is getting back on its ...

Communicating your DE&I strategy through events

Nov 30 2022
Concise Team
Businesses across industries are putting more resources toward Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). As of 2022, every Fortune 100 company has launched a major diversity initiative. But make no mistake, the need to effectively communicate DE&I strategy extends to companies both big and small. “One of the benefits of having a diverse, equitable and inclusive ...

Creating valuable client events that elevate experiences

Oct 7 2022
Concise Team
Are you responsible for creating valuable brand experiences for your clients? Are you thinking about how to make your next product launch or high-profile corporate event highly engaging, polished, and impressive? As the global community emerges from the pandemic with a desire to re-connect, meetings and events now face higher expectations. According to our latest ...

Elevate in-person experiences for participants 

Aug 1 2022
Concise Team
Are you tired of seeing participants’ checking their phones during your event? It’s the biggest giveaway that your audience are distracted. Keeping everyone focused is tough considering the average person interacts with their phone nearly three times a minute or a staggering 2,617 times a day.   Why are they distracted? According to Fast Company, it ...

Communicating your ESG strategies through events…while delighting your stakeholders and attendees.

Jun 17 2022
Concise Team
In working with Financial Services clients, Concise has recognised the growing need for clients to communicate their Environmental, Social and Governance strategies through events. Boards are facing mounting pressures from key stakeholders, investors, and employees to address how they intend to play a part in tackling global sustainability issues. Revealing complex ESG plans like these ...

In-Person Events are Back

Jan 18 2022
Over this past month, Concise and Encore have supported more than 10,000 customers in their return to in-person meetings.  And the benefits of being together are real.  Whenever possible, hosting in-person meetings allows for the greatest level of audience engagement. Solutions to Fit Your Meeting Needs Every event is unique, so we begin with a ...