Use of digital technology at in-person meetings and events transforms the attendee experience from passive to engaged. According to Bizzabo, 83% of event creators use an event app.

The bottom line is that the attendee experience can define the success of an event which leads to better event outcomes.

Interactivity Increases Event Enjoyment

Attendees are expecting more from meetings. The days of passively listening to one-way presentations are over. Meeting participants are eager for opportunities to contribute to and shape the events themselves, allowing delegates to take ownership and feel part of the event. Additionally, attendees are looking for opportunities to network and make lasting connections with KOLs.

In a study completed by Ashfield Meetings and Events, 74% of healthcare attendees indicated meetings should have increased interaction between the delegates and the KOLs. Attendees appreciate having their voices heard at events through event tech that facilitates a two-way dialogue. And by increasing audience engagement, the overall level of event enjoyment is elevated.

Plus, real time digital tools such as feedback forms and surveys helps planners gain a clearer picture of how a speaker is connecting with audiences. Speakers and planners gain insight on what the audience is thinking pre, during, and post events and are able to adjust content, if necessary.

Crowdsource Event Content

Concise’s Chime Live event app is built to deliver audience engagement with an array of interactive tools depending on the needs of your event. In addition to Polling, Word Clouds, and Interactive Patient Case Studies, our latest tool, Emerging Themes, allows delegates to “upvote” topics before or during your event. Emerging Themes gives participants full participation so they can get the most out of the meeting.

Attendees are encouraged to suggest topics and “upvote” those that are of greatest interest to them. Crowdsourcing the most popular topics helps speakers focus on what the audience most wants to learn about. That is a win-win outcome for everyone!

Deliver Dynamic Data

One of the primary reasons industries are moving to digital event tech is that success and impact can be demonstrated by the numbers. Analytics generated by an event app allows organizers to capture and identify the most influential delegates and discover what is working or not working at meetings. Feedback can also be a rich source of information to understand the level of audience understanding and engagement. With this information in hand post-event, planners gain insight to help prepare for the next meeting based on data driven decisions to continually improve the success of their meeting. Ultimately, this delivers greater value for money and the ability for planners to demonstrate ROI!

Leading the Digital Experience for Pharma Events

Concise specializes in pharmaceutical meetings and events worldwide. Our experienced Pharma Events team has a thorough understanding of regulatory compliance from a UK and an international perspective. And we keep abreast of changes in regulatory requirements and Codes of Practice for pharmaceutical meetings.

Let’s start a conversation about your upcoming meetings and how the Chime Live event app can increase your customer interaction and engagement. Our team delivers five-star end-to-end service for an exceptional event experience, as evidenced by our 92% Net Promoter Score, great customer feedback and clients who return year after year.

Find solutions to your unique event challenges by contacting us.


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