In working with Financial Services clients, Concise has recognised the growing need for clients to communicate their Environmental, Social and Governance strategies through events.

Boards are facing mounting pressures from key stakeholders, investors, and employees to address how they intend to play a part in tackling global sustainability issues.

Revealing complex ESG plans like these can be challenging. However, hundreds of firms have found that Concise can enhance sustainability messaging with our fully managed, digital event platform Chime Live that elevates in-person, hybrid, or virtual events.

Chime Live is built to support your engagement objectives

Chime live can be tailored to meet your ESG meeting needs. For virtual, hybrid or in-person requirements, attendees will be greeted with a secure registration or login, and a fully branded welcome page on screens or via iPads in the room.

When it’s time for your speakers to take center stage, our expert technicians will begin choregraphing a unique experience with specialist production and interactive features that will engage attendees.

On top of helping the environment by going fully paperless or offering a remote viewing option to reduce carbon footprints, you can protect the integrity of sensitive information in a secure way. Along with enhancing the overall experience for attendees and stakeholders.

Attendee benefits

For attendees, did you know the most wanted app feature at financial meetings is the ability to submit questions to the speaker? The second most desired is having the ability to network for leadership roundtable breakout sessions with employees.

Chime Live app includes many flexible tools that are proven to deliver high levels of engagement and attendee satisfaction. Features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and the reactions can be stored for future use.

At Concise, we boost participant interaction and engagement by equipping each meeting attendee with an iPad customized with our Chime Live℠ event platform.  Because everyone has an iPad during the meeting presentations, your event is enhanced by engaging your audience in real time conversations. Participants can pinch, zoom and capture meeting content. This second screen interactive technology helps keep participants focused on the presentation.

Chime Live features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session such as in case study environments.  Real time digital tools like feedback forms and surveys help planners gain an understanding of how a speaker is connecting with the audience, allowing content to be adjusted if necessary.

Stakeholder needs

Your stakeholders will want to know how well your ESG key messages resonate with your audience. We’ve got that covered through the real-time Analytics Dashboard and post-event Reports, where your Concise Project Managers will ensure stats, Feedback, Notes, and requested PDFs are sent during and post-event. And afterwards, continue to develop ways to add value to future meetings.

Regarding security, Chime Live is a highly secure platform with password-protected access available for any confidential presentation slides. We can also provide a secure network, for example when sensitive internal data is being communicated.

At Concise, our highly skilled team of interactive event specialists are focused on your event success. We’re delighted to have great feedback from clients and an NPS average of 92.

Recent customer testimonials

“Concise were all very helpful throughout the process and very well organized. They made us think about every detail to ensure our production ran smoothly. The team was incredibly professional and worked well with our onsite production team. Overall, the production was very well received among our investors and senior management team.”
– Client, Global Investment Firm

“The team managed the event extremely smoothly and took the pressure off me who was running the event alone. They were helpful and always remained calm which is great when you yourself are stressed. We are very pleased with how our event ran this year.”
– Client, Private Equity Organisation

“We had such peace of mind, as we knew everything was taken care of. The level of responsiveness and organization meant we could focus on the real preparation for the event. Thank you Concise.”
– Client, Investment Firm

Contact our team today, for some expert advice or assistance with your next ESG meeting, by enhancing attendee experience and improving the effectiveness of events.


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