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Setting up an event website just got easier. Introducing Encore RSVPSM, an easy-to-use online tool that lets you create your own website, with sign up form, full branding control and integrated check-in invites.

Your event site, your way

Encore RSVP makes it so simple to create your event webpage the way you want it. The online tool takes you through each step allowing you to see each element take shape as you build it. Drag and drop elements if you want to move sections around.

Encore RSVP is designed to save you time and reduce stress, so you can focus on what truly matters: creating remarkable events.

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What you can do with Encore RSVP:​

Event Webpage
Build a unique event webpage with all of the details in one place, including agendas, speakers, sponsors, venue info & maps. Coming soon: an event count down timer and multi-language site creation.

Design & Customization
Make your event RSVP page reflect your event and brand with powerful customizable options.

Custom Data Collection
Design your registration form to collect the data you need from your attendees, with a full range of question formats.

Guest List Management
Upload your own ‘Invitee List’ for a private event or leave registration open to all for a public event.

Email Invitations & Reminders
Create customized and branded emails for invitations, reminder emails and joining instructions.

Response Dashboards
Use our easy-to-view dashboard to 
instantly see responses, or search, filter, and export all your registration data.

Add Meal Preferences & Secondary Events
Create your own custom questions to collect additional information including  dietary requirements and interest in secondary events – like cocktail receptions, VIP dinners or breakouts.

Handle event check-in onsite for guests as they arrive at your event, all from within the platform.

Data Exports
Seamless export data to provide lists and work with 3rd-party products like badge printing, certificates and post-event archiving.

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Encore RSVP FAQs

Concise is part of the Encore family of companies, seamlessly bringing you Encore RSVP along with creative, production & technology services to transform events.

Encore RSVP is a lightweight, self-drive tool to assist with the Invitation Management and Check-in processes for your event. It is suitable for simple and straightforward events that don’t need complex event management and registration solutions.

No. Encore RSVP is not designed to take payments or sell tickets. Its focus is invitation management and onsite check-in and whilst it has other features, managing payments is not currently available.

Yes. The settings within Encore RSVP can be set to allow: 1) anyone in the world; 2) only those with emails from a specific domain; 3) only those on an ‘invitee list’ that you upload Therefore, you can limit your attendees to only those on your guest list.

The video user guides show you how to use the modules within Encore RSVP; however, it is designed to be very simple and intuitive. 

To set up your event, you’ll receive a link to your instance. Log in to the platform and navigate each of the creation sections starting with the page builder, registration form creator. Work through each module and enter essential details such as event name, date, location, etc. You can also customize the registration form to collect specific information from attendees. Once configured, your site will be live and ready for your guests to respond to your invitation

You can simply send the unique Encore RSVP URL to your attendees via email, or you can use the built-in guest list management tool and built-in mailer to communicate with your invitees. There are editable templates to allow you to send ‘Save the Date,’ ‘Reminders’ and ‘Joining Instructions,’ but you can create your own emails for bulk or individual communications. 

The Encore RSVP tool requires everyone to respond if they are attending and uses their email address as a unique identifier. These fields are mandatory and cannot be removed or deleted. Thereafter, as standard, there are title, name, role, and company fields; as well as the ability to add different types of question fields, including text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio-buttons. These allow you to tailor the registration form to gather the precise information you need from your attendees. 

On the day of the event, organizers can use Encore RSVP’s check-in tool to keep track or who has arrived and who hasn’t. Check-in hosts can use this module to check-off attendees as they arrive by tapping on the toggle next to each person’s details. Search and filter functionality makes it easier to find attendees. You can update details of guest details or add walk-in guests instantly.

Absolutely. Encore RSVP provides robust attendee management features. Organizers can access real-time data on the latest registrations and check-in status. They can send reminders and follow-ups via the on-board mailer, and planners can export attendee lists in Excel to generate useful reports. 

Yes. Security is a top priority. Our registration tool employs encryption protocols to secure the transfer of data between attendees and the platform. Additionally, attendee data is stored securely, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only. We adhere to GDPR and industry best practices for data protection to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information collected during the registration process. Read our privacy policy for detailed information on data protection measures.

If you get stuck, please contact the Support team via the link in Encore RSVP on the Dashboard page. Please provide as much information as possible on the request form, and they will contact you with a response. (Their operating hours are Monday-Friday 7:00am-8:00pm Eastern) 

How to Set-up Your Encore RSVP

Setting up your event webpage yourself is easy and intuitive.  To guide you, watch our How To videos that walk you through each step.  Should you need support, our friendly Encore Service Center team is ready to assist.