Are you responsible for creating valuable brand experiences for your clients? Are you thinking about how to make your next product launch or high-profile corporate event highly engaging, polished, and impressive?

As the global community emerges from the pandemic with a desire to re-connect, meetings and events now face higher expectations. According to our latest research, participants want more engagement, personalization, and networking out of event experiences. It’s now more vital than ever to ensure your client’s in-person, hybrid or virtual meeting meets these expectations while delivering valuable outcomes.

That’s where Concise comes in. We’re seasoned experts in creating highly valuable events that rocket engagement and ROI for any meeting format. Our intuitive event management platform Chime Live℠, coupled with our five-star event delivery service from Product Management to Onsite Technicians will mean you don’t have to tap into your staff resources, while ensuring the event delivers on its objectives.

Let’s look at 3 event types where you can increase the value and elevate the experience for your participants.

3 Event Types where Engagement Platforms Add Value

Our expert technicians choreograph interactive moments with Chime Live to engage in-person and remote participants.

Corporate Meetings

Re-tool your meetings to bring more value with engagement platforms to increase attendee interaction before, during and post event. Chime Live elevates the event experience by providing ways participants can interact with the event, presenters, and each other.

Before the meeting, attendees can start using Networking tools to connect with other attendees. Participants can create a user profile by opening Chime Live’s Connect feature and using the AI matching algorithm to find attendees with shared interests or attributes. The Connect feature can also be used to encourage interaction via icebreakers.

During the meeting, enhance your participants’ experience with individual iPads that act as a second screen technology that increases engagement and aids learning and comprehension. Audience members can take part in Live Polling, Heatmaps and Word Clouds to boost participation. Plus, attendees can use the iPads to make personal notes on slides, download resources such as whitepapers and brochures, and provide event feedback.

Post event, see who has interacted with your event content via the Analytics Dashboard and reports. For virtual or hybrid attendees you can monitor who is watching and for how long, which is handy for sponsor ROI.

Sales Meetings for New Product Launches or Re-Brands

Often new product launches and re-brands involve training and development sessions where attendees are there to learn. Chime Live’s interactive features make it a great training tool for several reasons.

Put speaker presentations in the hands of your audience in an interactive format, where attendees can pinch and zoom on slides and go back to review anything they’ve missed. They can also take notes on content on personal slides and send it to themselves

Increase engagement levels and keep the audience focused with Quizzes, Word Clouds and Polls.

The Q&A feature allows attendees to ask questions from the comfort of their seats. This encourages both introverts and extroverts to participate in the conversation, giving everyone a voice while eliminating the need for audience microphones.

Additionally, you can post your product launch on Twitter and create awareness with a handy social media integration tool.

Hospitality Awards, Social Events and Fundraisers

Event management services & platforms such as Chime Live have been becoming increasingly popular for hospitality, social and fundraising events. One of the major benefits is that attendees can connect with others and deepen those new relationships over the remainder of the event.

Using an event platform also allows you to expand your reach to wider audiences to increase your global membership base. And you can have a fully managed signature event app platform with integrated donation tools to boost funding.

Why Chime Live?

The reason why our clients choose Chime Live again and again is for the interactive client experience. It’s a fully supported and tailored engagement platform that helps you create value for your clients by engaging them in an unforgettable experience.

Our skilled teams advise you on optimum event formats and the most effective flow for your show. We draw on our expertise and real-life examples to inform decision-making and design a choregraphed experience that focuses your participants on key content, driving the outcomes you need, before, during and after your event.

“A very slick platform which is very easy to use and well received by attendees.”

Ready to amaze your clients? Chime Live delivers real-time conference content, interactive quizzing and polls, and essential event analytics to keep your audience focused

To deliver an experience that achieves your objectives and creates value for participants, we bring together our highly engaging Chime Live platform, expert production management and design team, with an unbeatable specialized event service.

At Concise, we have been trusted to deliver polished and professional events for over 25 years that bring value for clients, which is reflected in our Net Promotor Score of 92.

Contact Concise to learn about our event options and let’s start planning!


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