Bring Everyone Together

Bring remote presenters and participants together for your meeting with a bespoke virtual experience that takes your event attendees on a compelling, choreographed journey from anywhere in the world.

Whether at home, at work or from one of our presentation stages and venues, our virtual event platform, Chime Live℠, helps you host virtual events while connecting presenters and participants through an on-demand, live or simu-live broadcast.

Female virtual event attendee at home on her laptop

Partners of Choice

Our consultative approach helps you define what success looks like and our skilled producers and project managers are experts in building your online event to deliver a stimulating two-way experience for participants and presenters. 

We offer an end-to-end virtual event solution, with a designed show plan, platform, creative design, production services, a broad range of visual content and motion graphics production, as well as coaching and rehearsals for your presenters.

While it May be Easier to Attend a Virtual Event...
It’s Also Easier to Leave One

Participants are more susceptible to event fatigue and information overload in the virtual space, so we recommend events are short, punchy, and include a diverse mix of pre-recorded content, live presentations and interactive elements. 

Hear what your audience thinks through pop-up Polling, Q&A and Feedback Forms, and help participants network through Chat, Message and Forum functions. All interactivity helps keep participants engaged and ensure key messages resonate. 

Once your event is over, success is realized through captured data on audience engagement , experience and feedback. Post-event, we make reports, presentations and recordings available so everything about your event is in one convenient place.  

Contact us to see how we can elevate your online events and bring everyone together for a captivating virtual experience.

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