The first half of 2023 has been a busy time in the financial sector, with rising interest rates, bank failures, and regulatory pressures leading to an uncertain macroeconomic environment.

Following all this uncertainty, investors are now willing to talk again, and fundraising seems to have regained momentum. Private equity and asset management firms have plenty to update investors on at upcoming AGMs and Investor Conferences. These meetings are a key opportunity to present the case to investors that their funds are a solid investment. 

As private equity and asset management firms go about planning their upcoming AGM meetings, they’ll want to keep the following emerging trends top of mind ‒ and find the technology that delivers on their attendees’ evolving expectations. 

Trend 1: A focus on sustainability

In recent years, asset managers have had to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their investment management process. Not only are sustainability principles key to meeting regulatory requirements, but they’re also top of mind for climate-conscious clients. 

There’s little doubt sustainability will be high on the agenda at the next AGM meeting, which means event planners must help financial firms transparently present their ESG strategy — all while limiting the event’s carbon footprint.

Chime Live℠ makes sustainability simple by preloading all content onto each attendee’s Chime Live-enabled iPad. You’ll no longer need packets of printed materials that require stacks of paper. And you won’t have to worry about reprinting materials if last-minute changes need to be made to any of your event content.

Chime also makes it easy for investors to email resources to themselves, so they don’t need to carry about printed materials. And sensitive content can be watermarked to identify who downloaded the materials.

Participants can easily access your agenda from Chime Live enabled iPads

Trend 2: Digitizing the experience

Digitalisation continues to transform the private equity and asset management space. The pandemic accelerated this shift, giving many firms a need for flexible events that could be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Now digital capabilities are a given.

Strengthening your AGM meeting with more digital touchpoints is necessary for pulling off a dynamic, personalized financial event. That’s why Chime Live’s digital capabilities allow you to easily push different information to different investors. For instance, if investors from multiple funds are in attendance, you’ll be able to push personalized agendas that target specific segments of your audience based on their fund, while maintaining brand consistency across the experience.

More digital options help attendees stay informed and engaged throughout the meeting. Concise will work with you before your event to understand your objectives then shape the event to meet them. That might mean incorporating ice breakers and polls on the Chime Live platform at just the right moments to drive engagement. 

As presenters make their case to investors, slides on the iPad advance in sync with the slides on the main screen. Having this iPad in hand gives investors more control. They can zoom in on certain information or go back to a previous slide to review some information. Plus, the iPad keeps investors from getting distracted by their other devices.

Participants can zoom in on certain information or go back to previous slides.

Trend 3: Strengthening digital security

While digital touchpoints open up new opportunities at your next event, they also require a greater focus on data security. After all, investors want to know that their financial information is being handled securely and responsibly. That’s why event planners must invest in a platform that makes security a top priority.

All information stored on the Chime Live platform is stored in encrypted folders and only available to authorized users. Each investor must use a unique username and password to access the platform, as well as two-factor authentication. After the event, data is securely deleted after 60 days, unless an alternative agreement was made before the event.

Trend 4: Enhanced flexibility

The financial services industry moves fast, and many different players are involved. Chime Live gives firms the flexibility they need to condense and combine meetings as needed to fit schedules. This ensures these high-value investors waste no time.

AGM meetings can come with plenty of logistical challenges. For instance, when several high-value investors were flying into a meeting in Avignon, France, they used Chime Live to stay on the same page

With multiple fund meetings split across two different venues (in a foreign country, no less), attendees were given pre-event access to Chime where they could access agendas, maps, and other logistical details that helped them get where they needed to go. Chime Live was the one solution they needed to get investors to the right venues on time, then keep them engaged once they were seated. 

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Trend 5: On-demand offerings

More and more investors want the option to catch up with important AGM meeting information in their own time after the event. Event planners should utilize platforms that enable attendees to continue their learnings after the event has wrapped up or get up to speed if they missed it.

Chime Live is easily accessible after your event. Whether an investor couldn’t make it or simply wants to return to some key financial figures, Chime Live keeps key presentations and additional resources on the Chime Live platform. All attendees need to do is login from their own device post-event or arrange to have the info sent to them.

Concise offers the ability to record the entire event. The event video and highlights are available on-demand after the event, which comes in handy for investors who might have missed the meeting or who were present but want to review certain sections afterward. Additionally, bios for each speaker at the event are available on Chime Live after the event, in case investors want to reach out and ask questions. 

Event organizers can also access key event analytics after the event to understand how their presentation was received. These insights can be applied in the future to boost participation levels and improve audience engagement at the next meeting.

The financial services industry is changing quickly. Private equity and asset management firms need event platforms that are changing with it. So, are you ready to pull off a faultless AGM meeting?

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