Make a Great First Impression

Make long queues, difficulty locating VIPs and identifying guests’ special requirements a thing of the past. With Check-In, you can easily access seating plans, keep track of VIPs and instantly spot attendees with specific needs, making the whole process smoother. The simple interface also allows you to make on-the-spot changes and share real-time data across your team’s devices.

How Check-In Works

Check-In works on iPads/tablets or PCs and allows you to greet guests appropriately, identifying VIPs and special requirements. You can find, sort, filter and update guest data instantly… easily accommodating last-minute changes and sharing real-time data across your team’s devices.

Check-In also includes a seating planner feature, so you can develop seating plans, note meal preferences, and drag & drop to make changes.

It can also capture electronic signatures for CPD/continuing education record-keeping. And, download reports to visualize peak check-in times for future planning.

It’s easy to get Check-In up and running in minutes. Just upload your guest list from an Excel or CSV file. We even have training videos available online.

Greet Guests Appropriately

Identify VIPs, meal preferences and special requirements quickly

Easily Arrange Guest Seating

Assign seats, use Drag & Drop to rearrange guests, and note special needs, meal preferences and VIPs

Update Guest Data Instantly

Sort, filter, find and update guest information in an instant

Share Data in Real Time

Keep the team updated with real-time data sharing across devices

Get Started Quickly

Check-In is so easy to use, you’ll be up and running in minutes, with online training and FAQs available, if needed

Go Paperless

No more checklists and piles of spreadsheets to wade through when you go for eco-friendly Check-In.

What Our Clients Say About Check-In:

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