Just as kids prepare to go back to school, event planners are busy planning for the season ahead. It’s an exciting time with great expectations and anticipation for what’s to come…

Post pandemic the appetite for in-person events is strong, as more meeting professionals are actively booking or sourcing new events than any time since 2020. With our Planner Pulse research reporting 80% of organizers are expecting in-person audiences, you may also be searching for ways to improve participants’ face-to-face engagement, networking, and personalisation.

We know planning events can sometimes feel like figuring out a math equation you don’t have the answer for. But don’t worry, we’re here to offer our expertise to show you the ropes.

Drawing on years of experience supporting events, we start with understanding your desired outcomes and advise on how key messages can resonate. Our end-to-end event management service from initial concept to the final debrief, includes everything from project management to creative production and event delivery, to fully managed Chime Live enabled iPads onsite.

By partnering with one of our Concise experts to talk about your next in-person event, is like having a buddy on the first day of school to guide you through an epic journey ahead.

What’s Chime Live?

Inspiring event participants and driving desired outcomes is what our top of the class, interactive event app platform Chime Live was built to do. It’s fully managed, intuitive, easy to use, and can be personalised for each guest on individual iPads. Our expert service teams behind the scenes, regularly gain full marks for their outstanding ability to improve in-room experiences.

Consider Benjamin Franklin’s words of wisdom, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” so here’s how you can prepare for your in-person event day using Chime Live:

Maximise pre-show engagement

Before the show you’ve already packed your comfiest shoes, set up your event web page and promoted your event. But do you know that you can maximise pre-show engagement through an event platform like Chime Live?

Have your branded platform pre-populated with agendas, sneak-peak content, and speaker bios, so your participants can login and use the personalisation tools ahead of the big day. Also, collect valuable insights on topics that really matter with pre-event surveys to help guide your key messages during the show. Just make sure to leverage social media and invitation emails to increase event registration and build the kind of anticipation you’d expect to see and feel before the 400m final race on Sports Day.

Enhance interaction in the room

Chime Live comes hand in hand with our five-star end-to-end service that includes dedicated Project Managers, Producers and Event Technicians to keep everything polished and running smoothly.

Starting from when participants find Chime Live enabled iPads at their seats, they’ll feel important and recognise their input is valued. Plus, having an iPad in hand with push-presentations and notifications to focus their attention, they’ll be less likely to become distracted by their iPhones. From there, you can stimulate your attendees during sessions with interactive features like live Q&A, Word Clouds, Polling, Quizzes, Gamification, social media Integration, while having the presentation slides in their hands to pinch, zoom, write notes, and scroll between them.

Your Real Time Analytics Dashboard will let you monitor the engagement levels throughout, so you instantly react and adjust if needed. Additionally, set up a networking zone using our AI recommendation tool which matches attendees by interests; much less awkward than choosing team members on the playground.

Get the most ROI and measure outcomes

To increase your event ROI and longevity, provide attendees with post-event access to the Connect Hub so networking continues within the platform. Additionally, record sessions during your in-person event to set up On-Demand streaming, so participants can re-watch key moments and get the most out of their experience. Post-event, analyse session statistics captured throughout and find out which session gained the most positive feedback and interaction, or which talks didn’t perform well for future programme planning. If you’re thinking about data safety, our encrypted online server keeps every facet of information securely protected.

At Concise, we can enlighten you with new strategies for how to effectively prepare for your next in-person event day, like using our event management platform with Chime Live technology to improve your event’s engagement and your participants experience.

To get started simply contact us about your next upcoming in-person event. Together, we’ll explore Chime Live’s functionalities and how it could add value. Plus, we’ll run through how our five-star end-to-end event partner service works.


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