Pre-Event Expert Preperation

Prior to your event, we’ll prepare the iPads with your bespoke built app and custom wallpaper. Next, iPads are cleaned and checked to ensure batteries are fully charged. We’ll also add restrictions to ensure the iPads can only be used for Chime Live and can automatically connect to the specified Wi-fi network of the venue they’re heading to. 

When our team arrive onsite, they’ll greet and check in with you. From there they’ll setup the show laptops at the designated control desk. Display Laptops are connected to the AV setup and tested to ensure our content is visible on the big screens if required. Next, we’ll test the venue internet to ensure we have the correct bandwidth for the show to run smoothly. 

Flexibility for Last Minute Changes

From there, the lead technician checks in with you regularly to ensure any last-minute content updates are added in the Chime CMS. This can include amending any of the current content as well as adding completely new assets. For example, new polling questions, adding last minute delegates or amending the agenda. One of the most common updates a technician will do, is adding last-minute slides from your presenters.  

Investors can access Chime Live after the AGM

Choreographed Delivery

During the show, the lead technician will operate the show, ensuring all Presentation slides are pushed to the iPads in tandem with the main screens,. Polls, Notifications and Feedback Forms are sent live to the iPads at the correct moment and results then displayed on cue, at the correct times etc.  

 Meanwhile the support crew will look after the audience, ensuring everyone is able to login and utilise the app effectively and has a smooth experience using Chime Live. They are also able to make content changes should the lead technician be occupied with the live running of the show. In some cases, they may also assist with operating Chime Live in breakout rooms.  

After Your Event

When your meeting is finished, our on-site teams will pack up the equipment and collect the iPads quickly and efficiently. To make sure you’re happy, we’ll do a final check in before you and our teams leave the venue – so you can enjoy the post event celebrations and focus on the important next steps. 

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