An Orchestrated Performance

Our Virtual Technical Manager controls your show during rehearsals and the live event. In advance of the event, we direct a run-through of the fully designed Run of Show and provide technical on-boarding for presenters, to ensure everything is correct, runs smoothly and full contingency plans are in place. 

Our Show Callers are focused on cueing all action as planned in the Run of Show, delivering a smooth-running rehearsal and polished event. Like an orchestra conductor, Show Callers direct the crew and presenters and lead the comms so presenters and crew members are clear on what to do, ensuring the choreographed experience we’ve designed is delivered as planned.

Virtual Technical Managers execute cues from the Show Caller, let presenters and panellists know when to begin and finish broadcasting and manage any breakout sessions. We ensure the vision mix is as intended and switch to back-up strategies should anything not go to plan.

Virtual Technical Manager controls the show

We’re in Control So You’re in Control

Chime Live platform functionality is controlled by our Chime Operator who pushes important notifications to participants and monitors, makes video streams live and brings Polling and results to life.

Our User Support team are the unsung heroes that work in the background before and during the event to help participants trouble shoot misplaced login credentials and any other issues in a friendly and responsive way. Hopefully, no one needs to call upon the support team during the show but having them ready to help if needed, makes for a better participant experience.

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