A Positive Difference to Your Journey

Explore below to see some of the skilled people you may partner with along the way.

Jo Merriman portrait

Jo Merriman

Client Services Manager and Sales Director

As Client Services Manager and Sales Director, Jo Merriman ensures you are looked after from the first point of contact to the post-event debrief. We are sector experts, so we speak your language.

We take a consultative approach, investigating the event objectives and asking the right  questions to understand the desired outcomes. Through expert knowledge we demonstrate how our flexible event solutions inform,  engage, provide insight and add value to all stakeholders.

Jo and our other Sales Directors will create your event proposal and walk you through it, to ensure the Chime Live journey experience reflects your vision. 

Rachel MacKillop portrait

Rachel MacKillop

Virtual & Hybrid Event Producer

Our Virtual & Hybrid Event Producers like Rachel MacKillop bring your vision to life. We choreograph the show, building in opportunities to hear from participants, to drive interaction and ensure key messages resonate.

Our Event Producers direct the Run of Show and rehearsal, so all parties are clear on expectations and reassured by the contingency plans in place. This allows presenters to focus on delivering their content, while planners can manage other aspects of the event, safe in the knowledge that event production is in expert hands.

Alia Siddiqui portrait

Alia Siddiqui

Chime Project Manager

Every event has a dedicated Chime Project Manager, like Alia Siddiqui, to run the Chime Live platform from start to finish and ensure all is going to plan. Alia works in close communication with you and our event team to manage the timeline, coordinate event design, collect and upload content to Chime Live and provide post-event data.

When necessary, your Chime Project Manager will incorporate last minute changes to your event. We are responsible for all aspects of the platform, including briefing the Technical Support team and the event Chime Operator so that platform and live show run as one.  

Sergiu Chirila portrait

Sergiu Chirila

Creative Video Producer

Sergiu Chirila, like all our Creative Video Producers, crafts the branded backgrounds and design layouts that are used during the event live streams, enhancing the content and elevating production values for participants and presenters.

Timothy Wright Odine portrait

Timothy Wright-Bodine

Virtual Technical Manager

Timothy Wright-Bodine is a vital link between planning and execution. As a Virtual Technical Manager, he compiles all layouts, pre-recorded material and control what is live streamed to event Participants through our vision mixing studio. 

Once a Run of Show is agreed, we build it in the Chime Live platform and take you through it, step by step to ensure its correct. This technical rehearsal identifies any last-minute changes needed, while ensuring back-up strategies are in place, should things not go to plan.

Our Virtual Technical Managers provide a crucial during-event role, executing the Show Caller’s cues. 

Shannon Otjes portrait

Shannon Otjes

Show Caller

Show Callers like Shannon Otjes, focus their skills to drive your show forward, cueing people, content and activity at precisely the right time. We are great talent managers to support your show presenters and participants, preparing them for action.

Show Callers work closely alongside the Chime Project Manager and Virtual Technical Manager to deliver a smooth-running, polished event.