Businesses across industries are putting more resources toward Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). As of 2022, every Fortune 100 company has launched a major diversity initiative. But make no mistake, the need to effectively communicate DE&I strategy extends to companies both big and small.

“One of the benefits of having a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment to work in is the attitude everyone comes to the table with,” says Jo Merriman, Regional Sales Director and DE&I Ambassador at Concise. “I think that’s quite intoxicating and a draw to be a part of.”

At Concise, we’ve seen first-hand that strong diversity initiatives start with powerful messaging. Partnering with Concise experts along with our fully managed, digital event platform Chime Live℠ event app can be effective as you deliver key DE&I messages throughout your organization.

Foster important dialogue

When it comes to DE&I events, you want to give your participants a comfortable space to ask questions, share experiences, and open up discussion. Trusting an interactive end-to-end messaging service can help you do just that — while ensuring you hit all of your key talking points in an engaging way.

Our in-person event platform with Chime Live use iPads to keep your participants focused. These dedicated Chime Live-enabled iPads are loaded with all of your messaging content, as well as interactive tools that keep participants off their phones and focused on your presentation.

For instance, Chime Live is built with machine learning networking recommendations that bring your participants together. Whether it’s a full-team roundtable or small breakout sessions, this powerful feature keeps the conversation flowing.

Our team collaborates with clients prior to the event to help choreograph when interactive features will be incorporated into your presentation. Then on the day of the event, our onsite delivery team works with you to make sure these features are pushed at just the right moments to maximize engagement and help you reach your objectives. Throughout the event, you can rest assured our experts are there by your side to oversee a smooth, enriching experience for your attendees.

Capture insights in real-time

Diversity strategy is a vital message to get across to your stakeholders, so you want to know whether or not your content is resonating. That’s why Chime Live enables you to easily send Comparative Polling and Quizzes to your attendees via push notifications. These help you take the temperature of the room on the fly and answer questions as they come up.

During important discussions of diversity, it’s good to know where everyone is coming from — literally. Heatmaps are an interactive Chime Live feature that lets attendees vote on a given question, such as where they’re from. Then a world map will appear on the presenter’s screen, with color-coded concentrations representing how many people hail from each country.

Chime Live’s Analytics Dashboards give you measurable insights about the status of your presentation. If participant focus is slipping, Chime will cue notifications that re-engage the room and get your event back on track. Then post-event reports give you the metrics you need to adjust your delivery for future messaging.

Stay flexible, stay accessible

Diversity strategy needs to be communicated to a wide range of stakeholders, and it’s only natural that a few of them might not be able to hear that messaging in person. That’s why Chime Live makes it easy to include a hybrid add-on to your event, enabling you to extend the reach of your event by allowing remote participants to access a live broadcast of the presentation and use the same interactive features that in-person attendees enjoy.

Everyone should have the chance to participate in important DE&I initiatives, which is why Chime Live accommodates multiple languages and accessible design to be US ADA/508 compliant. Closed captioning and translation services are also available. Providing your content in multiple languages will widen your event reach to more diverse audiences, along with improving the overall user experience.

Make your next DE&I event a breeze

Concise is by your side from the initial planning stages to the post-event analysis. And our Chime Live event management platform platform is built with all the forward-thinking functionalities you need to host the perfect DE&I event. Contact our team to learn more about how the experts at Concise can help you deliver engaging and impactful DE&I messaging throughout your organization.


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