Are you tired of seeing participants’ checking their phones during your event? It’s the biggest giveaway that your audience are distracted. Keeping everyone focused is tough considering the average person interacts with their phone nearly three times a minute or a staggering 2,617 times a day.  

Why are they distracted? According to Fast Company, it could be that they’re struggling to read and listen at the same time, you’re just talking at them, they find your presentation too dry, or you’re illustrating words instead of visualizing ideas. 

When you’ve invested so much time and resources into designing a transformative event, you want their full attention and when it doesn’t pan out, it can be disheartening. How do you nip this activity in the bud and ensure participants engage with conference content?

One of the best ways is to provide them with a dedicated event management platform Chime Live℠-enabled iPad. It not only replaces phones in their hands, but it also elevates the in-person event experience by providing invaluable ways participants can interact with the event, presenters, and each other. Let’s review the boundless possibilities this technology creates for meeting and event organizers. 

Chime Live enabled iPads elevate in-person experiences.

Event technology that engages 

Chime Live is an event app that delivers real-time conference content, interactive quizzing and polls, and essential event analytics. Allow attendees to discover their personal iPad on their seat on arrival, making them feel important and they’re at an event that welcomes their participation. 

Chime Live-enabled iPads act as second screen technology that aids learning and comprehension. Put speaker presentations in the hands of your audience in an interactive format, where attendees can pinch and zoom on slides, go back to review anything they’ve missed, and take notes on content. Chime prevents participants from skipping ahead, so audiences remain focused on what is happening in the room. 

The Q&A feature allows attendees to ask questions from the comfort of their seats. This encourages both introverts and extroverts to participate in the conversation, giving everyone a voice while eliminating the need for audience microphones.

The interactive tools are not just for the attendee’s enjoyment. Presenters can ramp up session engagement with functions such as heatmaps, that provide an interactive image for participant voting like a world map. In this scenario, attendees can choose the countries they’re hailing from, with the heatmap displaying color-coded concentrations representing the quantities in warm or cool shades.

A recent client provided each participant with a Chime Live enabled iPad to boost interaction.

Event technology that connects 

Networking tools are another compelling reason to utilize the Chime Live platform for in-person meetings. After participants create a user profile, they can open the Connect feature, which uses a matching algorithm to display attendees with shared interests or attributes.

Event management service organizers can customize these designations to increase the relevance of these matchmaking suggestions for their group. The Messaging feature then allows participants to contact and connect with people they want to meet. 

Event technology that informs

Chime Live-enabled iPads can push out surveys and feedback forms to collect responses from event participants. The Analytics dashboard offers real-time insight into conference activity. Post-event reports also can provide the planner with insights into engagement levels. 

One of the benefits of using the Chime Live platform is the full-service Concise event team that comes with it. In addition to helping event organizers develop and execute on their engagement strategy, Concise will ensure everything is running smoothly before, during and after the event.

Onsite technicians will push the interactive elements to the iPads at the right moment to keep attention levels high. If any metrics are lower than expected, the team can cue notifications to boost interaction. Additionally, during and post-event, Concise project managers will provide event organizers with in-depth analytics reports. 

Interested in elevating in-room experiences for attendees with Chime Live on iPads? Contact us for a free consultation on how Concise can improve the effectiveness of your next event. 


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