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Fall Planner Pulse: uncover planner sentiments

October 27, 2022
News Release

In-person events have come back in a big way, and so far, the economic uncertainty does not appear to be causing much disruption. Check out the findings in the Fall Encore Planner Pulse to digest the latest insights from the planner community. Key insights from the report include: • 80%+ of events taking place in … Read More

Summer Planner Pulse: Download Your Digital Copy

August 18, 2022
News Release

Summer of 22: Discover the latest planner sentiments about the events industry Despite workforce issues and economic uncertainty, the events community should remain optimistic based on the latest findings in the Summer Planner Pulse report. More planners are booking or sourcing new in-person and/or hybrid events than the previous 24 months. And so much more… … Read More

Spring Planner Pulse: Discover Planner Sentiments

May 18, 2022
News Release

The industry and in-person are bouncing back in a big way. Although we are sure to experience ups and downs as we get back to normal, keeping up with changing event trends can help all industry professionals stay ahead of the game. In the Spring Planner Pulse report, we take a deep dive into what … Read More