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Winter Planner Pulse Report

Winter Planner Pulse Digital Report

February 3, 2023
News Release

Discover event planning industry trends and insights Want to stay in-the-know with industry trends? We know knowledge is power, which is why we continuously report on how our industry is evolving to help set you up for success. We poll meeting and event professionals across the globe to deliver the latest findings on everything from … Read More

Concise Team at IPEM Cannes 2023

January 24, 2023
News Release

The Concise team visit IPEM Cannes 2023 IPEM Cannes edition kicked-off of the year for the community to discuss the complex macro environment, as well as the new challenges, and opportunities it creates for private market investors. The Concise team attended to take stock of private market developments and to catch up with our Private … Read More

Fall Planner Pulse: uncover planner sentiments

October 27, 2022
News Release

In-person events have come back in a big way, and so far, the economic uncertainty does not appear to be causing much disruption. Check out the findings in the Fall Encore Planner Pulse to digest the latest insights from the planner community. Key insights from the report include: • 80%+ of events taking place in … Read More