An annual general meeting (AGM) is the most important event on a company’s calendar as it’s an opportunity to communicate as well as gather insights from key investors. But you only have a limited time to convey lots of key information. How can you make the most of this precious time with investors to ensure your content informs, engages, gathers input and drives the outcomes you need?

Enter Chime Live℠, the versatile live event platform that helps you plan and execute an effective AGM meeting. At Concise, our experts partner with you to understand your objectives and craft a plan to meet those goals. Then we work with you through each stage of the meeting ‒ before, during, and after ‒ to inform participants, highlight key information, provide onsite support, and track audience engagement.

Keep everyone informed before the event

You don’t want to make participants hunt through a bunch of emails to find basic details about your event. That’s why pre-event access to Chime Live enables investors to access key logistical information on demand. You can also include some info about what to expect, such as registration, the cocktail reception, and dinner. This way your guests spend less time worrying about logistics and more time engaged in the meeting.

Including your agenda on an event platform can help investors prepare questions in advance. If something they want to learn about is missing, they can communicate this ahead of time so that you can adjust the agenda accordingly. Chime Live can also host documents, videos, PDFs and whitepapers, which add another layer of engagement to your pre-event experience — all while keeping your meeting paperless.

With Chime Live, you can personalize each agenda to each investor’s specific interest. For instance, you might have some investors in the room who are from a large cap fund while others are from a mid-cap fund. Personalization ensures the right investors see the right information. And don’t worry: you can easily watermark content to ensure nothing is shared illicitly before the meeting starts.

Boost engagement during the event

Chime Live on iPads on individual seats for finance AGMs
Individual Chime Live enabled iPads are ready for investors

When the big day arrives, Chime Live can take your presentation to the next level. You can immediately impress your stakeholders with iPads laid out on the table, so the investors can easily log into Chime Live. This signals to investors that they won’t just be sitting back watching a presentation ‒ instead they’ll be actively engaged, providing input through the Chime Live platform.

You might decide to start the main session with an ice breaker. To kick this off, our onsite technicians can push a polling question, heat map or word cloud to participants’ screens. This starts your meeting off in an engaging way that immediately gets the audience participating.

Then you can start your main presentation, where we’ll deliver slides to each device through Push Presentation. During this time, participants can jot down notes on their iPads, pinch and zoom to get a closer look at information, and navigate to previous slides if they missed something.

Need to update financial information or add a new speaker bio the day of? Chime Live’s onsite technicians can quickly add changes, no matter how last minute it might be. Technicians are there to guarantee a faultless experience and cue key moments seamlessly through the Chime Live interface.

During the meeting, you might find you want our technicians to push additional information to the iPads such as notifications or reminders about event logistics, or where the transport will pick up for offsite dinner. Or you might want to gain feedback from your audience by sending out a survey. Capturing feedback during the session helps increase response rates and provide valuable insight into performance that can be useful for future planning.

Stay connected after the meeting

Investors can access Chime Live after the AGM
Investors can access Chime Live after the AGM

Chime Live is easily accessible after your event in case certain key stakeholders couldn’t make it. Attendees can also use Chime Live to access the meeting on demand in case they missed a part or want to take a deeper look at a certain section. Plus, all those AGM reports and additional resources that they looked at before the meeting are still there on Chime Live as needed.

You may have only reserved a day for your AGM meeting — but sometimes the conversations can’t be limited to that tight window. That’s why Chime Live makes it easy to keep chatting right on the platform, with follow up questions and comments available if participants want to keep the discussion flowing.

Post-event we can share analytics, see what resources were viewed by individuals, and measure participation levels. These insights can be saved and used to help you drive even stronger audience engagement at your next meeting.

Pull off a faultless AGM meeting

When one financial firm had to get 300 high-value investors to meetings to sessions in cross-town venues in Avignon, Concise experts configured Chime Live to meet the logistical challenge. Read more about how pre-event access to Chime Live helped everyone get to their sessions on time and ensured a smooth event experience for their high-value investors.

Pre-, during and post-event access benefits ensure your AGM meeting communicates all the key information you were hoping to get across. From the pre-planning to the post-event analysis, Chime Live is the fully supported platform you need to make your next AGM meeting a breeze.

Ready to pull off a faultless AGM meeting? Contact us to consult with our experts, discuss your goals and put you on track for an unforgettable in-person event.


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