Concise Producers & Project Managers

We’re specialists in delivering engaging, professional events through our storytelling engine, Chime Live.

Our Virtual Event Producers bring your vision to life. They choreograph the show and build in opportunities to hear from participants, to drive interaction and ensure key messages resonate.

Every event has a dedicated Chime Project Manager to run your project from start to finish and to make sure all is going to plan. We manage the timeline, coordinate platform design, oversee motion graphics production, and collect and upload event content to Chime Live.

Event production team planning and building the show
Client services and production team plan the show

Run of Show

Our Virtual Event Producers create the Run of Show by working with you to establish the layouts and transitions needed, incorporate the designed show branding and produce the format of the event. They direct a full technical rehearsal and on-board presenters, so all parties are clear on expectations and reassured by the contingency plans in place. We understand that it’s sometimes necessary to incorporate last minute changes to your event.

Our team is on call before and throughout your event to respond to participant enquires and Chime Live technical questions. 

Success is realized through captured data on audience participation, experience and feedback. Post-event, we make reports, presentations and recordings available so everything about your event is in one convenient place.  

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