Elevate Your In-Person Event

Are you eager to return to face-to-face meetings?  Many  planners and participants are excited about the prospect of being back together in-person and Concise can help you make this a great experience.    

Instantly set the mood for your event when your guests see the room perfectly set with an iPad for each attendee.  It makes a great first impression that they are about to participate in something important and engaging.  

Chime Live on iPads will engage, transform and captivate an entire room from the moment participants step through the doors.

Connect Participants

The opportunity for everyone to reconnect and build strong connections  is a major event draw.  And  it’s often the shared choreographed moments that make the difference between a good vs great attendee experience.  

Facilitate participant networking with Connect,  our new recommendation engine,  which helps identify attendees who have shared interests or attributes. We can help you customize these designations, so your participants can see their best matches and control their connections.    

iPads in in-person events - Concise from Encore

Keep Everyone Focused

After months of planning your important event content, you want to ensure your attendees are paying attention. Having a second screen experience using iPads will encourage participants to ditch their phones in favour of utilizing the interactive features.

Users can zoom into images or details; go backwards for something they missed or add notes to send to themselves afterwards.  And, when presentations end, we’ll cue Q&A on every screen so more attendees ask questions and leave with the key takeaways.

Participants can pinch, zoom and make notes on presentations.

Give your Participants a Voice

Wanting to know if your participants are engaged is a key priority for any planner.  So much time is spent on building questionnaires and waiting for attendees to fill them out.

With Chime Live, we can send instant questions straight to your participants, meaning you could gain as much or little feedback as you like during the presentations, breakout sessions or when the final applause is heard.

Learning what your participants think of your event, allows for a deeper understanding of what they want to hear and whether the content is resonating.

In-Person Event Expert Support - Concise Group

A team of Concise technical & project management experts will be onsite to ensure every aspect runs smoothly.

Analytics Dashboard & Reports 

In a digital age we expect instant information to appear on our screens before us, and for event metrics this is no different. 

In our Analytics Dashboard you can instantly see how many participants in the room are tuned in, how engaged they are in sessions and if the live polling response levels are looking good. 

When any metrics are lower than expected, we can cue notifications to boost the interaction in the room and your overall results. Once you are ready, our Concise team will send your in-depth analytics report with all event analytics covered.

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