Jun 12 2024
Concise Team

Your Annual Investor Meeting (AIM) provides crucial opportunities to engage, inform and build credibility with current and new investors. While your investors are gathered together, you want to build strong relationships, reinforce the trust they have in your brand, team and prove that your organization’s future investments will generate profits for them. This is especially …

The 5 Trends Driving Today’s Finance Events

Oct 16 2023
Concise Team
The first half of 2023 has been a busy time in the financial sector, with rising interest rates, bank failures, and regulatory pressures leading to an uncertain macroeconomic environment. Following all this uncertainty, investors are now willing to talk again, and fundraising seems to have regained momentum. Private equity and asset management firms have plenty ...

Communicating your ESG strategies through events…while delighting your stakeholders and attendees.

Jun 17 2022
Concise Team
In working with Financial Services clients, Concise has recognised the growing need for clients to communicate their Environmental, Social and Governance strategies through events. Boards are facing mounting pressures from key stakeholders, investors, and employees to address how they intend to play a part in tackling global sustainability issues. Revealing complex ESG plans like these ...

In-Person Events are Back

Jan 18 2022
Over this past month, Concise and Encore have supported more than 10,000 customers in their return to in-person meetings.  And the benefits of being together are real.  Whenever possible, hosting in-person meetings allows for the greatest level of audience engagement. Solutions to Fit Your Meeting Needs Every event is unique, so we begin with a ...