Virtual Event Production

Ensuring your show looks great, runs smoothly and creates the best participant experience is the focus of our Production team. 


Lighting, sound and staging all contribute to an exciting in-person event where presenters and panellists shine. Similarly, our specialist knowledge puts all contributors in their best light to take centre stage at virtual and hybrid events. Insights about presenters help us shape a creative solution where everyone excels. We can coach presenters on building presentations and performance techniques that achieve better results, scheduling extra rehearsals where needed.

Our team may suggest pre-recording segments, providing the opportunity to re-take or edit presenter content in advance of the show. All presenters are taken through a Run of Show rehearsal and onboarding session, to familiarize them with the set-up and walk them through important technical knowledge they need for the show.  

Motion Graphics 

Enhance your live, simu-live, hybrid and on-demand events with high production values. We can produce a broad range of dynamic visual content with sophisticated motion graphics including: Event opening ‘hype’ videos to set the scene, welcome and instructional videos that speak directly to participants, lower-third captions and information tickers, bumpers, transitional stings, break slides and presenter graphics — all contributing to an exclusive and immersive event experience. 

Pre-recorded, Simu-live & On-Demand Video Content 

To ensure performance and delivery are perfect, we can pre-record and edit your presenter presentations, creating ‘as live’ segments if required. To optimize the value of your event content and make it available to those not able to join a live event, we can produce edited recordings of your broadcast, chaptered for on-demand playback. 

Editing video content for an event

Branded Broadcast Studios

Elevate the professionalism of your presentations and safely accommodate presenters and panellists with our branded presentation stages. Our global broadcast studios can be designed and tailored to suit a large variety of event specifications and can be professionally equipped with a branded LED wall, backdrop, furnishings, and broadcast quality lighting, sound and camera packages. We can feed-in additional remote presenters filmed from anywhere in the world into the stage and incorporate participant interaction and social feeds through our control centre.

Vision Mixing

The vision mix is the real time creation of your event, combining all pre-produced elements with live feeds into one directed sequence from our virtual control studios. Our expert Virtual Technical Managers prepare and operate your show’s vision mix, incorporating designed motion graphics, pre-recorded content and live segments into the event, on cue. Branded design backgrounds and layouts highlight important information and enhance presenters and panellists’ content.

Once a Run of Show is agreed and built in Chime Live, we take you through a full technical rehearsal, to ensure everything is ready for show day. Contingencies are prepared and agreed in advance of go live, in case things don’t go to plan on the day. Back-up options might include bringing the host back to screen, showing a holding slide or having presenters dial in on back up audio lines.

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