Are you seeking ways to elevate your events?  In the current environment everything still seems a little uncertain, and planning a virtual, hybrid or in-person meeting can be daunting. 

Collaborating with our clients, being vested in their success, and truly partnering to help create the best outcomes is how we approach event planning challenges – be that deciding on the format, platform, or production solutions; the team is key. 

Why Concise 

Our collaborative approach starts with a conversation.  We like to understand your ‘why?’, so let’s talk about: 

  • What’s important to you?   
  • What are the challenges you face?   
  • How do you want your stakeholders to feel when all is said and done? 


Then, we seamlessly bring together our flagship Chime Live℠ engagement platform with full-service design and production expertise to transform the event experience for presenters, participants…and planners like you. And now, being part of the Encore Global family of companies expands our one-stop solutions, no matter where your events take you.

Female presenter addresses the audience of a virtual Chime Live event

Unmatched Service 

Clients appreciate how we make their lives easier and events better.  The proof is evident in outstanding customer feedback about our unparalleled service: 

  • “Exceptional support from Concise throughout the whole process.  I would highly recommend!” 
  • “They’re the easiest to work with, so responsive, so professional and just top notch.  Could not have done this without them.” 
  • “The team had our backs and got us through what is undoubtedly the most stressful few days of our year. Happy to report I have a beer in hand and took tomorrow off!” 


Ultimately, we aim to achieve feedback like this from all our clients.  Our Net Promoter Score is consistently in the 90s, further evidence of how our customers feel about Concise.


Creating Great Experiences 

The true mark of a successful event might be knowing that at the end of the day:  

  • Your Participants absorbed all the key information that you hoped they would, 
  • Your Presenters & Panellists felt supported, comfortable with the tech and able to focus on delivering their content, 
  • Your Leadership praised the fantastic results,  
  • and you…felt like a rock star.  


Get in touch to discuss how we can help elevate your events.

Why Concise



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