In working with Financial Services clients, Concise has recognised the growing need for clients to communicate their Environmental, Social and Governance strategies through events.

Boards are facing mounting pressures from key stakeholders, investors, and employees to address how they intend to play a part in tackling global sustainability issues.

Revealing complex ESG plans like these can be challenging. However, hundreds of firms have found that Concise can enhance sustainability messaging with our fully managed, digital event platform Chime Live that elevates in-person, hybrid, or virtual events.

Chime Live is built to support your engagement objectives

Chime live can be tailored to meet your ESG meeting needs. For virtual, hybrid or in-person requirements, attendees will be greeted with a secure registration or login, and a fully branded welcome page on screens or via iPads in the room.

When it’s time for your speakers to take center stage, our expert technicians will begin choregraphing a unique experience with specialist production and interactive features that will engage attendees.

On top of helping the environment by going fully paperless or offering a remote viewing option to reduce carbon footprints, you can protect the integrity of sensitive information in a secure way. Along with enhancing the overall experience for attendees and stakeholders.

Attendee benefits

For attendees, did you know the most wanted app feature at financial meetings is the ability to submit questions to the speaker? The second most desired is having the ability to network for leadership roundtable breakout sessions with employees.

Chime Live app includes many flexible tools that are proven to deliver high levels of engagement and attendee satisfaction. Features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and the reactions can be stored for future use.

At Concise, we boost participant interaction and engagement by equipping each meeting attendee with an iPad customized with our Chime Live℠ event platform.  Because everyone has an iPad during the meeting presentations, your event is enhanced by engaging your audience in real time conversations. Participants can pinch, zoom and capture meeting content. This second screen interactive technology helps keep participants focused on the presentation.

Chime Live features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session such as in case study environments.  Real time digital tools like feedback forms and surveys help planners gain an understanding of how a speaker is connecting with the audience, allowing content to be adjusted if necessary.

Stakeholder needs

Your stakeholders will want to know how well your ESG key messages resonate with your audience. We’ve got that covered through the real-time Analytics Dashboard and post-event Reports, where your Concise Project Managers will ensure stats, Feedback, Notes, and requested PDFs are sent during and post-event. And afterwards, continue to develop ways to add value to future meetings.

Regarding security, Chime Live is a highly secure platform with password-protected access available for any confidential presentation slides. We can also provide a secure network, for example when sensitive internal data is being communicated.

At Concise, our highly skilled team of interactive event specialists are focused on your event success. We’re delighted to have great feedback from clients and an NPS average of 92.

Recent customer testimonials

“Concise were all very helpful throughout the process and very well organized. They made us think about every detail to ensure our production ran smoothly. The team was incredibly professional and worked well with our onsite production team. Overall, the production was very well received among our investors and senior management team.”
– Client, Global Investment Firm

“The team managed the event extremely smoothly and took the pressure off me who was running the event alone. They were helpful and always remained calm which is great when you yourself are stressed. We are very pleased with how our event ran this year.”
– Client, Private Equity Organisation

“We had such peace of mind, as we knew everything was taken care of. The level of responsiveness and organization meant we could focus on the real preparation for the event. Thank you Concise.”
– Client, Investment Firm

Contact our team today, for some expert advice or assistance with your next ESG meeting, by enhancing attendee experience and improving the effectiveness of events.

As part of the Encore family, Concise brings together event strategy, platform, production and creative expertise.  We work directly with global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare clients or partner with their MedComms agencies to create and choreograph small, medium, and large-scale, multi-day meetings and events. 

Our Approach 

What sets us apart is our partnership approach – listening to what you want to achieve, understanding why that is important and working with you to achieve it.  We start with a conversation/workshop to understand event objectives and desired outcomes, then choreograph the experience. That’s what makes Concise unique. 

We drive the outcomes needed before, during and after an event, collaborating with clients to define what success looks like and delivering every meeting with measurable results.  We address concerns and share ways to minimize risk while ensuring all experiences are engaging, impactful and run smoothly. 

Picture of a Concise Account Manager consulting with a Pharma client

We Know the Industry 

At Concise, we understand the strict regulatory, compliance and security protocols that pharma and healthcare businesses operate under.  We keep up to date on the latest International Codes of Practice. 

We also understand that content approval via Veeva can be tricky, so we build timelines that accommodate pre-approval of a show and allow for last minute adjustments.  Remaining flexible and agile throughout the production lifecycle ensures all session content is compliant. 


White Glove Service 

We provide white-glove service aspect that customers like, with our onsite teams checking each iPad, making sure to follow safety protocols and being there to run the live show.   Plus, our on-site team can help with any platform support needs of attendees. 


Our Storytelling Engagement Platform – Chime Live 

The great thing about our Chime Live event solutions is that we can take any meeting and turn it into an invaluable, interactive experience from pre-event to post-event. 

To ensure engagement levels are high pre-event, give attendees access to the Chime Live platform where they can complete some assignments in advance of the meeting.  This helps our pharma clients measure participant’s knowledge, gauge opinions, and shape the final event. 

During the event, Chime Live features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and can be used in case study environments.  Real time digital tools such as feedback forms and surveys help planners gain an understanding of how a speaker is connecting with the audience, allowing content to be adjusted if necessary. 

Networking tools such as a Delegate Hub and Messaging will facilitate professional exchange. Plus, you can put agendas, presentations, bios, and more into participants hands. 

Post-event, planners can understand the success of the meeting as demonstrated by the data analytics.  Chime Live allows organizers to capture and identify the most influential delegates and discover what is working or not working at meetings.  

This type of feedback can also be invaluable in knowing the level of audience understanding and engagement.  Planners then gain insight to help prepare for the next meeting based on data driven decisions. 

Leading the Experience for Pharma Events 

Concise is a leader in pharmaceutical events whether it be in-person, virtual or hybrid.  Our Chime Live event platform and full production services can help you increase your audience interaction and engagement.   

Contact our team for 5-star event services.  

We tend to think of hybrid and virtual events as being easier for people with disabilities to attend than face-to-face events. However, hybrid and virtual platforms present their own challenges and potential barriers to enjoyment. That’s why, if you want to create truly inclusive online events, it can’t be an afterthought.

Encore’s ProEDge webinar series recently featured a panel discussion on ‘Creating an Accessible Meeting with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in mind’.

Panellists including Samantha Evans, Certification Manager for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. and our own Kevin McFarlane, Director of Product Development, Concise, shared their views.

“Start with your event strategy,” says Samantha Evans, “Accessibility [should] be part of the beginning discussions about any event and activity…to make sure that human experience is inclusive for people with disabilities.”

Then, the conversation about accessibility at events should continue through the planning, budget, implementation and post-event phases.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is one of Concise and Encore’s pillars. We promote an environment that thrives on embracing our differences. By doing so, we fuel our innovation, collaboration, expertise and excellence, and connect more closely to our customers and the communities we serve. 

The event accessibility planning timeline

“From an event planner’s perspective, the [digital] platform is your first discovery conversation,” Evans says. “Talk about accessibility, and whether or not the platform is accessible for people who use assistive technologies.”


Your goal is to design an inclusive and welcoming event, with reasonable accommodations, that everyone can enjoy. And that starts with considering the diversity of needs, preferences and abilities that inherently will be present among your event participants.

Of course, you need to understand the hybrid or virtual event technology and how the digital event platform you’ve selected works, but Evans says it’s even more important for you to understand how people use assistive technologies to engage with the digital world.

“Is the platform accessible for people who use assistive technologies? Can they navigate it with a keyboard? Because not everyone uses their eyes and a mouse to do digital tech.”

After that, determine both the essential elements and contentdependant components you want to build into your event platform.

Options may include: 

  • Alternative text for images and videos (essential) 
  • Captions 
  • Translation services 
  • Alternative media for presentations 
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Keyboard navigation 


Concise’s platform, Chime Live℠ offers solutions for visual, auditory, cognitive and physical disabilities. Our platform complies with international WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards and we ensure all releases work towards US/508 ADA Compliance standards. 

The Chime Live event platform supports W3C 2.0 AA compliance

“It’s fundamental that our Chime Live platform has robust accessibility. We appreciate that many customers require accessible event solutions, but crucially it also underpins our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and is foundational to our culture and core values.” 

Kevin McFarlane, Director of Product Development, Concise 


“There are things everybody in every role in every organization can do to contribute to accessibility and inclusion.”  

Here are Evans’ Top-5 tips for making events more accessible of hybridand virtual events: 

  1. Visual Aid: make sure there’s alternative text or a text equivalent for any graphics, videos or presentations. Coach speakers to describe anything they’re referring to visually.
  2. Diverse Knowledge: assemble diverse teams and be inclusive in gathering input from a variety of peoples and identities during the planning process. That naturally broadens our thought processes.
  3. Transcription: caption all videos and provide a transcript for anything that is audio-only.
  4. Assistive Technology: make sure documents can be read by computer technology. For example, assistive screen readers can read text files, but  may struggle to make sense of certain PDF layouts, or accurately explain an image to participants. 
  5. Accessible Communication: consider different types of communication methods and preferences participants have. For example, sign language and captions both serve deaf and hard of hearing audiences, but sign language is a language and a preferred communication style. So be aware that requests may come in for both, and one does not substitute for the other.


Once you’ve identified the components and types of accessibility accommodations you want to provide, budget for those expenses. Understand the timeframes required to secure them from vendors and services. 

Also, look at the price differentials and weigh how options impact the experience. For example, AI-enabled captioning is less expensive than using a captioning service with a human, but it isn’t as accurate. 


During the registration phase, Evans says it’s important to communicate what accessibility features you are including, what accommodations you can provide, and how much notice you require to provide those accommodations. 

Also communicate with speakers and anyone presenting the information. “Make sure [they] know how to present in an accessible format,” Evans says. For example, coach them to shy away from saying things like “as you can see” or pointing at things. 

Teach them how to use some audio description tips to be inclusive about how they talk about what they’re presenting. For example, “I’m a woman with gray hair and purple glasses” or “the chart on the screen right now shows a year-over-year increase of 23 percent.” If they have handouts, make sure those documents are submitted in an accessible format. 

Train your team on the technology you’re using so they understand how to navigate the system. “During the event, they need to be able to support the needs of people who might encounter challenges.” 

A nice touch is to allow participants and speakers to show off their home office surroundings, Evans says, describing what is present in the background. “This allows them to express their identity or identities and intersectionality of who they are. It allows panels or guests to express the diversity of the human experience, as well.”  

Concise will assign a point of contact who will help you choreograph and oversee your virtual or hybrid show, to ensure both event and platform are truly inclusive and accessible. 

Learn more in our latest blog post, on the 6 Key Steps to Engaging Your Hybrid Event Participants.


Don’t forget to consider accessibility issues post-event! For example, a five-star rating might be what your organization loves using, but if it’s not compatible with assistive devices, then use different kinds of questions for your post-event survey. 

Collect feedback from attendees with an accessibility questionnaire, analyze it and use their suggestions to improve the next experience. If you share anything based on their feedback, share that with them. People love knowing that you’re listening and using their suggestions to improve. 

Learn more about accommodating disabilities at events. 

For more tips on designing truly inclusive events, watch the replay of the ProEDge session, “Creating an Accessible Meeting with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Mind.” 

Need help getting guests engaged at your next event? Here are six steps.

What started as a quick pivot to virtual events in the early stages of the pandemic has now shifted to hybrid events, and it’s now expected that hybrid events will remain a common format long after the pandemic is behind us. An Encore Planner Pulse study completed in April shows that ‘effectively engaging both in-person and remote attendees at hybrid events’ is the most important challenge facing meeting professionals.

When planning a hybrid event there are two distinct audiences to consider: in-person attendees and virtual participants. Therefore, as an event professional, you must work harder to engage everyone. There’s an experiential gap; someone’s on site, someone isn’t. How can you ensure each participant group is involved and what does success look like? 

When we think about the hybrid audience, we map how to shift from pushing content at participants, to truly engaging them. If you simply provide them with information, they might listen or read, but it will be a passive experience and one they may not learn from.

There are six clear steps to help capture the attention of your participants wherever they are, and move them from informed to engaged, for hybrid event success.

Six steps to audience engagement

Step One: Agenda

The first step towards achieving higher engagement is setting expectations. Having an event agenda available within your platform is an easy first step and lets everyone know what to expect and where they need to be at the right time.

Step Two: Content and Messaging

Provide contextual content around the agenda, such as presentations, auxiliary information and speaker biographies, to get participants into the right mindset for the content of each presentation. Messages can be sent to participant groups or individuals through the platform, to prepare them for, or nudge them to join a specific session.

Camera focused on presenter on broadcast stage

Step Three: Chat and Forum

Then comes the networking piece. As a participant, I’m in the right place, I’ve got access to great content, but can I learn a bit more about a topic, by having conversations with others attending the event? While watching a presentation, participants can simultaneously network and interact through Chat and Forum features, expanding their knowledge and actively engaging with experts and cohorts.

Step Four: Questions, Feedback and Polling

These are engagement tools that allow presenters to reach out and connect with participants to encourage live conversation and interaction. While there may not be two-way audio and video running, virtual participants can contribute to the success of a hybrid event by providing in-the-moment feedback, add their opinions to polls and ask presenters live questions that other attendees may want to hear the answers to.

Ask a Question feature in Chime Live

Step Five: Interactivity

Your hybrid event must be interactive to engage your participants. Many studies show that if a speaker talks through a 60-slide presentation, your audience will struggle to maintain focus (or fall asleep). Insights should be pulled from the minds in the room, or at home, via Chime Live’s interactive suite and used to perpetuate and/or segue to different topics, to keep participants involved and engaged.

Step Six: Live Stream

Lastly there is the live stream presentation. Your presenters should have energy and enthusiasm for their content. We recommend working with their existing personality traits to achieve the best results. If they are naturally humorous, then encourage the use of humor. Visuals and motion graphics including speaker bumpers and video recalls, borrow techniques used for TV and Netflix, to make for a richer broadcast environment.

Event control room, Chime Live app and hybrid event presenter

To learn more about Creating Engagement at Hybrid Events, catch the recording of the ProEDge session with with Concise’s Chris Bryant, Director of Global Accounts.

Are you seeking ways to elevate your events?  In the current environment everything still seems a little uncertain, and planning a virtual, hybrid or in-person meeting can be daunting. 

Collaborating with our clients, being vested in their success, and truly partnering to help create the best outcomes is how we approach event planning challenges – be that deciding on the format, platform, or production solutions; the team is key. 

Why Concise 

Our collaborative approach starts with a conversation.  We like to understand your ‘why?’, so let’s talk about: 

  • What’s important to you?   
  • What are the challenges you face?   
  • How do you want your stakeholders to feel when all is said and done? 


Then, we seamlessly bring together our flagship Chime Live℠ engagement platform with full-service design and production expertise to transform the event experience for presenters, participants…and planners like you. And now, being part of the Encore Global family of companies expands our one-stop solutions, no matter where your events take you.

Female presenter addresses the audience of a virtual Chime Live event

Unmatched Service 

Clients appreciate how we make their lives easier and events better.  The proof is evident in outstanding customer feedback about our unparalleled service: 

  • “Exceptional support from Concise throughout the whole process.  I would highly recommend!” 
  • “They’re the easiest to work with, so responsive, so professional and just top notch.  Could not have done this without them.” 
  • “The team had our backs and got us through what is undoubtedly the most stressful few days of our year. Happy to report I have a beer in hand and took tomorrow off!” 


Ultimately, we aim to achieve feedback like this from all our clients.  Our Net Promoter Score is consistently in the 90s, further evidence of how our customers feel about Concise.


Creating Great Experiences 

The true mark of a successful event might be knowing that at the end of the day:  

  • Your Participants absorbed all the key information that you hoped they would, 
  • Your Presenters & Panellists felt supported, comfortable with the tech and able to focus on delivering their content, 
  • Your Leadership praised the fantastic results,  
  • and you…felt like a rock star.  


Get in touch to discuss how we can help elevate your events.

Why Concise


Keeping your leadership team informed, motivated and thriving is crucial to business success.  

Traditionally leadership meetings tend to bring together larger regional senior management and leadership teams; usually recurring annually. They are primarily conducted to make important decisions, discuss metrics and to ensure that an organization’s operations are aligned with its strategy, targets and goals.  

We’re seeing companies becoming more open to working differently; seizing the opportunity to grow stronger and be more successful.  What’s working well are agile organizations redefining their operating models and moving from an annual planning cycle to a more frequent quarterly planning cycle, learning from what was accomplished in the previous cycle to swiftly reset priorities as needed. * 

With many people working remotely, it’s vital to find effective ways to bring everyone together to agree on major initiatives. 


Leadership meetings are predicted to make up some 14%** of all event meetings in the US and Europe in 2021.

But with travel restrictions still in place in many parts of the globe, how do you bring everyone together for one seamless, collaborative virtual or hybrid experience? 

And how can you guarantee that the most commonly cited challenges of lacking virtual events management experience, platform technical issues and participant engagement concerns, don’t hamper your efforts?* 

Maintaining visibility and influence with limited physical interaction is a key consideration. It’s not easy to make sure every participant is engaged, collaborates seamlessly with colleagues, digests the meeting content, and feels an integral part of the experience. 

You’ve spent significant time developing your strategy and thinking about your meeting, so how can you ensure it lands? 


Here are some tips to consider as you plan your next Leadership Meeting:

Use the Right Tech 

With limits on travel in and across many regions, technology is a critical factor for successful and collaborative virtual and hybrid leadership meetings. Meeting owners have a multitude of event platforms and tech to choose from, but experienced planners and event companies are best placed to curate, as they understand attendee engagement and what makes for a successful virtual or hybrid meeting. 

  • Use an event platform that works for all your meeting needs, allowing for an equitable experience, dialogue, engagement, and interactivity, wherever your participants and presenters are in the world.
  • Security is paramount when discussing confidential business decisions, so be certain your platform limits who can see the content and join the meeting. 
  • Make sure your presenters have rehearsed using the tech, so they understand how to respond if all does not go to plan. 


Focus on Purpose 

Every leadership meeting has a unique reason for existing, along with an exclusive set of goals and objectives: exploring new business updates, sharing of strategic goals, inspiring organisational change and potentially making tough decisions. 

  • Ensure a robust agenda has been planned with desired outcomes set, all personalised for each participating leader. 
  • Make it available to all participants in advance of the event, so they can plan their involvement and prepare their ideas. 


Make it Personal 

While virtual and hybrid leadership meetings have become common place, not all meetings are created equal and there are many ways to produce a more professional and productive outcome. 

  • Events are incredibly powerful when organised and delivered with the audience and key messages in mind. 
  • Consider individuality and shape virtual interactions for the various interpersonal needs and styles of the leadership team members. 
Events team, planners and attendees interact


Facilitate an Equitable Experience 

Hybrid events are much more complex than meeting in-person or virtually. They are harder to manage well and benefit from a facilitator to keep the meeting on track. 

  • Designate a single person to be the meeting host, to monitor and guide the conversation. 
  • Despite robust planning, it is too easy for in-person participants to dominate discussions. 
  • A facilitator can provide an active role in keeping virtual attendees engaged and ensure their voices are heard. 


Prioritise Interaction, Engagement and Collaboration 

Avoid a passive experience and make the most of the heads ‘in the room’ by building in moments to exchange ideas and share opinions in the virtual, hybrid or live space.

  • Create immersive opportunities through moderated polling, voting, Q&A and Upvoter so leaders can contribute their perspectives and help shape the event. 
  • Consider gamification to boost involvement and create a fun sense of competition. 
  • Think about adding more intimate environments than the main video stream. Include breakouts for workshopping and discussing key business topics, all personalised in participants’ agendas.  
  • Push out feedback forms and participant questions at scheduled moments during the event, to perform a real-time check on the meeting experience.  


Perfect Planning 

By their very nature, perfectly delivered live events are almost impossible to achieve, but if you plan perfectly, risks are minimized. 

  • Put sufficient focus on pre-production, not just the live show process. 
  • Set yourself up for success with plenty of rehearsals, cue-to-cuesrun-throughs and robust contingency planning. 


Cascade Learning and Knowledge 

A fundamental role of a leadership meeting is ensuring content is absorbed and communicated back to the workforce. 

  • Consider the content you want to share before, during and after your event, and ensure your event platform can make information available to the right people, at the right time. 
  • Make sure leaders have access to the event platform post-meeting, so that learning and engagement can continue ‘outside of the room’ reinforcing key messages and extending the value beyond the event. 
  • Consider making specific parts of the live stream ‘On Demand’ post-event, for sharing with other parts of the organisation. 
Male event attendee gives postive feedback


Measure Success 

In addition to identifying your goals and objectives, it is also important to gauge how you’ve done, post event. 

  • Determine up front if your event platform allows you to capture and interrogate data from the meeting. 
  • Ensure you understand what to measure and how to show that your goals were achieved. 
  • Post-event follow-up with participants is essential both for feedback purposes and for health and safety requirements. 

Why Concise? 

Concise is highly skilled in at planning, choreographing and executing high profile virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings. We ensure participants, planners, and presenters are a vital part of the experience.  

We offer a unique, fully branded and flexible event platform, Chime Live, and thrive on partnerships with companies looking to go the extra mile, who are passionate about creating truly engaging and productive experiences. 

We project manage and support filming in clients’ offices or in our purpose-built, professionally equipped and fully-brandable studios. This provides the opportunity for more polished live or pre-recorded film content to be played as part of the leadership meeting. 


“It should not be a question of “if” a meeting is going to happen, it’s “how.” **


Let us help you achieve business success, through effective events.

Talk to us today about how we can elevate and transform your leadership meeting. 


*McKinsey and Company ‘Overcoming pandemic fatigue: How to re-energize organizations for the long run’ 

**Amex ‘2021 Global Meetings and Events Forecast’ 

Over the past year, the changing meeting landscape has required everyone to re-envision the way we connect with audiences. For clients and event teams across all industries, virtual and hybrid meetings are now a key component in bringing teams together from around the world to keep business moving forward.  We have some suggestions to make your next event professional and choreographed, whether you chose one of our studio locations or yours.

Elevating Your Events with Concise

Perhaps you are looking for a more professionally designed event that feels different from your day-to-day Zoom or Teams calls. Maybe you’ve even tried some of the event platforms available, but found them lacking in reliability, production values or ease of use.

Concise has been helping meeting planners elevate their meetings by combining our Chime LiveSM event platform with live or recorded broadcasts from our studios, from our clients’ offices or from anywhere in the world.

Our clients appreciate the higher production values, presenter preparation, and ways we help to minimize risk – all delivered following our MeetSAFE™ protocols.

Our Place or Yours?

Our broadcast studios and stages offer a premium level of quality and professionalism for your event. We set up a safe and comfortable broadcast studio that can accommodate presenters and panelists. The environment is free of distractions, professionally equipped with a branded LED wall backdrop, furnishings, stage lighting, microphones and broadcast quality cameras.

Currently, the London studio is suitable for up to 4 presenters at a time, maintaining 2 metre social distancing guidelines. We can also incorporate presenters remotely if a speaker can’t travel to the studio, or if you have more than 4 presenters.  

Plus, our team can provide additional enhancements with custom graphics, presenter coaching and make-up specialists.  We can even incorporate audience interaction, polls, social feeds and more into your studio space.

Our purpose-built studio in Uxbridge is just 30 minutes outside of London. The flexible space allows us to tailor the environment to suit a huge variety of designs and events, while providing a cost-effective option as everything is ready to go.

“We utilized a mix of pre-records and live sessions with the presentation stage in Uxbridge.  The stage allowed us a far more polished output for our conference. The pre-recorded presentations took the stress off our presenters.  And following with a live, moderated Q&A allowed us to address participants straight away.”

Financial Service client

Not in London?  We also have studios in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and around the globe through our Encore family of companies.

Studio Set-Up at Your Offices

We’ve also set up broadcast studios in our clients’ offices.  We bring the lighting, camera, and crew to you – still adhering to social distancing safety measures.  Clients who have the right space and want to broadcast from their own offices may choose this option as it can be a more convenient place for speakers to gather.

Studio Set-Up at a Venue

Another option to consider or add-on is a studio set-up in the venue.  As our Encore family of companies have relationships with hotels and meeting venues worldwide, we can also set up studios within these spaces for your presenters and participants.

Live Broadcasts, Pre-Recorded Video, or a Combination

Whichever studio option you choose, another key consideration is whether to use live broadcasting, pre-recording, or a combination of both.  Live broadcasting offers the benefit of reaching remote audiences and interacting with them using live Polling, Word Clouds, Heatmaps and Q&A.

Pre-recording allows for more control over how the content is being presented. Speakers often feel more at ease knowing a retake can be done.  We also recommend keeping recordings similar in format to live presentations to keep the authentic feeling.  Production value can be enhanced with editing, graphics, and transitions. 

Using a combination of live and pre-recorded video brings the benefits of both.  Mixing formats is a widely chosen solution with clients as it provides speakers with an added level of comfort on the day of the event. Speakers can focus on delivering their key messages using pre-recorded presentations, while creating 2-way dialogue with participants through live Q&A sessions.

Learn how Sigular Guff found success mixing live and pre-recorded video streaming on Chime Live

Experience the Concise Difference

Clients who organize meetings and events often tell us they want their audiences to leave events having experienced something truly professional and unique.  Consulting with Concise will help you elevate your events in this way. 

We listen to your desired event outcomes in order to recommend and design the best solutions for your meetings.

Contact Concise to find out how we can deliver a fully branded and professional virtual event experience.

Concise elevates events and creates dynamic experiences by seeing the world through three perspectives and delivering it with one outcome in mind: your success. Creating outstanding experiences for Participants, Presenters and Planners starts by understanding your needs and results in flawless virtual and hybrid event outcomes.

Our expert team at Concise partner with clients to create and choreograph hybrid experiences using our robust Chime Live℠ Event platform, delivering polished and professional results that everyone will rave about.

Planners – Partnering for Better Outcomes

The shift from in-person experiences to virtual and hybrid events has fundamentally changed the roles of planners.  But the pressure to achieve significant measurable success remains the same.

Our strategic advisory service helps planners create a successful, smooth-flowing show.  We’re with you every step of the way from pre-event planning, event-day management to post event results and insight.

We invest in your success by guiding you through the process, sharing our expertise and real-life examples to inform decision making, creating a custom plan and incorporating reassuring contingency plans.

Count on us to deliver a polished, professional experience that engages remote and in-person audiences and meets your event objectives.

Presenters – Overcoming Unique Challenges at Virtual and Hybrid Events

Lighting, sound, staging and participants all contribute to an exciting event atmosphere where presenters can impress. However, what works for live events may not work for a virtual or hybrid event.  Even the most experienced presenters can feel out of their comfort zone.

We address each presenters’ specific needs and hold their hand throughout production.  Our virtual event team may suggest pre-recording presenter segments with the option to re-do or edit content.

As it’s more challenging to engage audiences on a small screen, the virtual event team may advise scheduling extra rehearsals or suggest other techniques that achieve better results.

Plus, our dynamic Chime Live event platform provides many opportunities for presenters to virtually connect with participants.  Our team can build polling, Q&A, and feedback sessions into the show to promote interaction.

The Chime Live platform is managed by our event technicians, allowing presenters to be free from unnecessary tech concerns and equipping them with comfort monitors to help them focus on delivery.

Participants – We Love an Audience

We are show flow experts.  We take the participants’ event journey into consideration from the start and can advise planners on how to keep participants engaged throughout the event.

Our Chime Live event platform is a dynamic storytelling engine that sets the stage and delivers a bespoke guided experience to audiences.  Most platforms are passive in that the audience is left to wander about themselves. Chime Live however is part of the production, showing attendees what they need to see when they need it.  Through Chime Live we deliver a 2-way experience for participants.

For example, our Chime Operators can open live or pre-recorded video streams or move participants from the main session to a break-out room.  They can make polling, Q&A, feedback, networking, forums and feedback modules pop-up at the right time to maximize participant engagement.  Event technicians can choreograph the experience by pushing audiences into different modules at the right time. This makes Chime Live a truly unique event platform. 

Chime Live also provides an opportunity to build in data capture. You can review Chime Live’s analytics to help you evaluate and report on results, proving that meeting objectives were achieved.

The bottom line is that when the virtual experience works well for planners, presenters and participants, everyone feels empowered and engaged.

Contact Concise to see how we can help you elevate your next virtual event.

Virtual Event Production — End-to-End Service is Key

While we may be known for creating highly interactive and flexible event apps, customers mostly rave about the difference our people make. Clients appreciate the expertise, “can-do” attitude, and partnership approach of our team members. Now more than ever, we find that customers want white-glove, end-to-end service. They want to be able to pick up the phone and trust that we’ll help them achieve these better outcomes.

A Dedicated Production & Delivery Team

This seismic shift in the way meetings work has led us to further develop our virtual and hybrid events service. The diagram below highlights some of the key roles and their responsibilities involved in bringing your event to life. We’d like to introduce you to some of our team and how they make the magic happen.

Key support roles for virtual and hybrid events

Jo – Sales Director

From the first point of contact through to the final debrief, Sales Directors like Jo ensure you’re well looked after. She starts by listening to your objectives and asking the right questions to understand your desired event outcomes. Taking a consultative approach, she shares her expertise and demonstrates how our solutions can work to inform, engage, provide insight, and add value to you and your stakeholders. From here, she’ll put together a proposed approach and walk you through the details to ensure it reflects the desired outcomes.

Robbie – Virtual Event Producer

Our Virtual Event Producerscoordinate the right team and choreograph your show, minute-by-minute to ensure the right tempo and that your messages resonate. They build in opportunities to hear from your participants and to drive two-way conversations, which helps everyone get more from the meeting.

Virtual Event Producers are also responsible for running rehearsals with speakers and the delivery team, so everyone hits their cues and knows the contingency plans. Giving clear direction is key, so VEPs makes certain that everyone knows what’s expected of them and when. Presenters can focus on their content and getting the message across. Panelists will know when to speak and how to avoid speaking over each other, and Planners can focus on managing other aspects of the event, knowing the virtual event production and delivery is in capable hands.

Chime Project Managers will be there from start to finish — managing timelines, communicating throughout, overseeing the design, uploading content, and providing post-event data. The PM checks that everything is going to plan and manages all aspects of the Chime Live platform, including briefing the Chime Operator so the platform and live show run as one.

Serge – Creative Video Producer

Serge, a Creative Video Producer, crafts the pre-set layouts in our vision mixing studio that will be used during your live streamed content. This includes branded backgrounds, Picture-in-Picture layouts, lower thirds, 50/50s and panel views to enhance your content and elevate production values.

In this example, Serge also serves as Virtual Technical Manager, responsible for what is streamed to the live audience. As VTM, Serge supports clients by organizing the pre-designed layouts according to the Run of Show, switches between inputs on cue, controls video playback, and monitors audio levels during rehearsals and the live broadcast.

Will – Virtual Technical Manager

As the Virtual Stage Manager, Will controls the Zoom webinar during rehearsals and the live event. Will manages when the presenters or panelists appear on the virtual stage, letting them know when to start and stop their cameras and microphones. The VSM also operates Zoom webinar breakout sessions, when required.

User Support

You’ll also have a User Support team, heroes that work behind the scenes to trouble shoot misplaced login credentials, unsupported browsers, and other hiccups in a very human and responsive way. Hopefully, no one will need to call upon the team on event day but having them ready makes for a better participant experience should they be needed.

Driving Better Outcomes

Having a strong team with clearly defined roles and clear channels of communication is crucially important for a smooth-running virtual meeting, especially with remote audiences.

What this all really means is delivering a 5-Star Service. If you are ready for our team to help you with your virtual journey, get in touch today!

According to Meeting Professionals International’s [MPI’s] 2021 Meetings Outlook survey, over half of meeting planners say their next in-person meeting is contingent on the distribution of a safe and effective vaccine.

Virtual & Hybrid Events – Keeping Us Connected

While planners keep an eye on the long-term safety and effectiveness of vaccines, they continue using virtual and hybrid event formats to stay connected and offer value to their stakeholders.

A live hybrid event combines a group of in-person and online participants in different locations. Wherever they’re viewing from, participants are looking for a collective and individual experience that’s positive and memorable – through their eyes.

Attending an in-person event is a weighty decision based on national and local regulations, participant and presenters’ comfort level with traveling, risk/reward analysis with what they expect to gain and experience, and how they prefer to engage with others. In an era of customer experience and targeted marketing, hybrid and virtual experiences offer participants a safe and wider set of options to choose from.

And the power of digital means that some in-person events that could take over a year to bring together, can be created cost-effectively, in a shorter timeframe, with incredible opportunity for extended international audience reach.

Virtual and hybrid events have swiftly moved from being an event-planners lifesaver to a big communications opportunity.

Make Hybrid and Virtual Events Memorable

And so, more than ever, it’s critical to really know your audience and understand what to prioritize for your in-person, virtual and hybrid experiences.

Setting up a camera on a tripod and streaming it for your audience might be appropriate for a single presentation, but it won’t work for an annual meeting or large convention.

Meet your participants’ experience needs by putting yourself in their shoes at EVERY stage of your virtual event, just as you would do with in-person attendees. With insight, creativity and the right partnerships, you can deliver effective solutions that won’t break your budget.

For example, at an in-person annual meeting, your audience is immersed in the environment. There’s a buzz in the atmosphere. Participants are mingling, walking from space to space and there are branding elements everywhere.

How Do You Recreate that Same Excitement Virtually?

Consider filming a live walkthrough in your event space, showing in-person participants and presenters in the background, feature fun breakouts sessions, coffee breaks, or unique branded areas onsite as well as in your event platform. Pre-record segments from in-person or remote attendees asking them to share what they’re most excited about and play those segments at the beginning of the event or during breaks. Provide unique content for remote participants, so they feel as valued as any in-person attendees.

Vary the Experience Based on Audience and Meeting Type

Develop a bespoke journey specifically targeted to all persona-types in your audience, taking into account cultural and language differences. By fostering that feeling of a shared experience, your increase your value proposition and ROI. People feel seen, and their unique needs met.

Give everyone a break from online meetings and the dreaded ‘Zoom fatigue’, by employing a new meeting format through a bespoke event platform like our custom-branded, storytelling engine, Chime LiveSM.

Set the Stage

Chime Live is a full event solution that connects in-person and online participants seamlessly with the show and content. It sets the stage virtually and is full of flexible engagement and interaction tools that allow your audience to check in with themselves on what they’re learning, engage with your presenters in real time, and talk with other participants. The virtual and hybrid event experience is elevated through immersive design aesthetics.

Everything including the live or pre-recorded broadcasts reside in the platform. Two-way communication and feedback opportunities are built in through networking spaces, chat, questions, gamification and forums, plus participants have the ability to review and save additional rich materials.

Broadcast Studios

Even if your participants can’t attend in-person, don’t forget the impact that a beautifully designed professional stage can have on the event identity and the delivery of content from presenters and panellists. We have over 4000 broadcast & pop-up studios across the world that can host your presenters and panelist, then stream to participants, wherever they are.

Other Hybrid Experience Types

For those who prioritize meeting like-minded people and building their professional network, a local meetup in smaller numbers or multiple ‘pods’ might benefit both your in-person and remote participants.

They may not be able to travel abroad or across the country, but they may consider meeting with a few others locally. How can you best serve them and link them up with other virtual participants and presenters? What do you need to invest in?

Don’t be afraid to implement new ideas to boost their experience. Levels of engagement, interaction and feedback are all measurable through Chime Live.