Over the past year, the changing meeting landscape has required everyone to re-envision the way we connect with audiences. For clients and event teams across all industries, virtual and hybrid meetings are now a key component in bringing teams together from around the world to keep business moving forward.  We have some suggestions to make your next event professional and choreographed, whether you chose one of our studio locations or yours.

Elevating Your Events with Concise

Perhaps you are looking for a more professionally designed event that feels different from your day-to-day Zoom or Teams calls. Maybe you’ve even tried some of the event platforms available, but found them lacking in reliability, production values or ease of use.

Concise has been helping meeting planners elevate their meetings by combining our Chime LiveSM event platform with live or recorded broadcasts from our studios, from our clients’ offices or from anywhere in the world.

Our clients appreciate the higher production values, presenter preparation, and ways we help to minimize risk – all delivered following our MeetSAFE™ protocols.

Our Place or Yours?

Our broadcast studios and stages offer a premium level of quality and professionalism for your event. We set up a safe and comfortable broadcast studio that can accommodate presenters and panelists. The environment is free of distractions, professionally equipped with a branded LED wall backdrop, furnishings, stage lighting, microphones and broadcast quality cameras.

Currently, the London studio is suitable for up to 4 presenters at a time, maintaining 2 metre social distancing guidelines. We can also incorporate presenters remotely if a speaker can’t travel to the studio, or if you have more than 4 presenters.  

Plus, our team can provide additional enhancements with custom graphics, presenter coaching and make-up specialists.  We can even incorporate audience interaction, polls, social feeds and more into your studio space.

Our purpose-built studio in Uxbridge is just 30 minutes outside of London. The flexible space allows us to tailor the environment to suit a huge variety of designs and events, while providing a cost-effective option as everything is ready to go.

“We utilized a mix of pre-records and live sessions with the presentation stage in Uxbridge.  The stage allowed us a far more polished output for our conference. The pre-recorded presentations took the stress off our presenters.  And following with a live, moderated Q&A allowed us to address participants straight away.”

Financial Service client

Not in London?  We also have studios in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and around the globe through our Encore family of companies.

Studio Set-Up at Your Offices

We’ve also set up broadcast studios in our clients’ offices.  We bring the lighting, camera, and crew to you – still adhering to social distancing safety measures.  Clients who have the right space and want to broadcast from their own offices may choose this option as it can be a more convenient place for speakers to gather.

Studio Set-Up at a Venue

Another option to consider or add-on is a studio set-up in the venue.  As our Encore family of companies have relationships with hotels and meeting venues worldwide, we can also set up studios within these spaces for your presenters and participants.

Live Broadcasts, Pre-Recorded Video, or a Combination

Whichever studio option you choose, another key consideration is whether to use live broadcasting, pre-recording, or a combination of both.  Live broadcasting offers the benefit of reaching remote audiences and interacting with them using live Polling, Word Clouds, Heatmaps and Q&A.

Pre-recording allows for more control over how the content is being presented. Speakers often feel more at ease knowing a retake can be done.  We also recommend keeping recordings similar in format to live presentations to keep the authentic feeling.  Production value can be enhanced with editing, graphics, and transitions. 

Using a combination of live and pre-recorded video brings the benefits of both.  Mixing formats is a widely chosen solution with clients as it provides speakers with an added level of comfort on the day of the event. Speakers can focus on delivering their key messages using pre-recorded presentations, while creating 2-way dialogue with participants through live Q&A sessions.

Learn how Sigular Guff found success mixing live and pre-recorded video streaming on Chime Live

Experience the Concise Difference

Clients who organize meetings and events often tell us they want their audiences to leave events having experienced something truly professional and unique.  Consulting with Concise will help you elevate your events in this way. 

We listen to your desired event outcomes in order to recommend and design the best solutions for your meetings.

Contact Concise to find out how we can deliver a fully branded and professional virtual event experience.


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