Siguler Guff

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Date: January 1970

Siguler Guff Case Study

Ten out of ten! Chime Live provided the best, most engaging solution for our event.


In response to COVID 19, Siguler Guff’s Annual Investor Conference 2020 in NYC would not be held in venue as originally planned.  Rather than cancel the event, Siguler Guff partnered with Concise to reimagine their investor meeting to a virtual event.  With attendees joining remotely, engagement became a high priority for this event.


Concise provided a combination of live and pre-recorded elements via our Chime Live event platform with the ability to view presentations and listen to speaker commentary within the live stream.  Engagement between attendees and speakers was choreographed throughout the meeting as our production team ran a live Q&A panel.


Siguler Guff rated Concise production and services 10 out of 10 and believed the Chime Live event platform provided the best solution to accomplish their event objectives.

Professional cameras face an empty broadcast studio stage
Sigular Guff Investor Conference Chime Live home page design on laptop

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