Concise elevates events and creates dynamic experiences by seeing the world through three perspectives and delivering it with one outcome in mind: your success. Creating outstanding experiences for Participants, Presenters and Planners starts by understanding your needs and results in flawless virtual and hybrid event outcomes.

Our expert team at Concise partner with clients to create and choreograph hybrid experiences using our robust Chime Live℠ Event platform, delivering polished and professional results that everyone will rave about.

Planners – Partnering for Better Outcomes

The shift from in-person experiences to virtual and hybrid events has fundamentally changed the roles of planners.  But the pressure to achieve significant measurable success remains the same.

Our strategic advisory service helps planners create a successful, smooth-flowing show.  We’re with you every step of the way from pre-event planning, event-day management to post event results and insight.

We invest in your success by guiding you through the process, sharing our expertise and real-life examples to inform decision making, creating a custom plan and incorporating reassuring contingency plans.

Count on us to deliver a polished, professional experience that engages remote and in-person audiences and meets your event objectives.

Presenters – Overcoming Unique Challenges at Virtual and Hybrid Events

Lighting, sound, staging and participants all contribute to an exciting event atmosphere where presenters can impress. However, what works for live events may not work for a virtual or hybrid event.  Even the most experienced presenters can feel out of their comfort zone.

We address each presenters’ specific needs and hold their hand throughout production.  Our virtual event team may suggest pre-recording presenter segments with the option to re-do or edit content.

As it’s more challenging to engage audiences on a small screen, the virtual event team may advise scheduling extra rehearsals or suggest other techniques that achieve better results.

Plus, our dynamic Chime Live event platform provides many opportunities for presenters to virtually connect with participants.  Our team can build polling, Q&A, and feedback sessions into the show to promote interaction.

The Chime Live platform is managed by our event technicians, allowing presenters to be free from unnecessary tech concerns and equipping them with comfort monitors to help them focus on delivery.

Participants – We Love an Audience

We are show flow experts.  We take the participants’ event journey into consideration from the start and can advise planners on how to keep participants engaged throughout the event.

Our Chime Live event platform is a dynamic storytelling engine that sets the stage and delivers a bespoke guided experience to audiences.  Most platforms are passive in that the audience is left to wander about themselves. Chime Live however is part of the production, showing attendees what they need to see when they need it.  Through Chime Live we deliver a 2-way experience for participants.

For example, our Chime Operators can open live or pre-recorded video streams or move participants from the main session to a break-out room.  They can make polling, Q&A, feedback, networking, forums and feedback modules pop-up at the right time to maximize participant engagement.  Event technicians can choreograph the experience by pushing audiences into different modules at the right time. This makes Chime Live a truly unique event platform. 

Chime Live also provides an opportunity to build in data capture. You can review Chime Live’s analytics to help you evaluate and report on results, proving that meeting objectives were achieved.

The bottom line is that when the virtual experience works well for planners, presenters and participants, everyone feels empowered and engaged.

Contact Concise to see how we can help you elevate your next virtual event.


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