Over this past month, Concise and Encore have supported more than 10,000 customers in their return to in-person meetings.  And the benefits of being together are real.  Whenever possible, hosting in-person meetings allows for the greatest level of audience engagement.

Solutions to Fit Your Meeting Needs

Every event is unique, so we begin with a consultative approach, starting with a conversation to understand your objectives, stakeholders, and desired outcomes.  Once we understand your needs and priorities, we recommend the right platform and support services. From self-managed meetings to fully managed, multi-day conferences, we can help you find the best solution.  Then we start to choreograph the meeting experience.   

In-Person Events

The attendee experience can define the success of an event.  Meeting participants are eager for opportunities to network, contribute and to have a hand in shaping the events themselves. Plus, they are looking for opportunities to network and make connections with speakers and key opinion leaders.   

O.C. Tanner Institute has found that only 51% of meeting attendees think that their organization is listening to and working to improve engagement strategies.  This matters because feedback from your audience enables you to take a pulse of how they think, feel, and what they need to get the most out of the meeting. 

Encore from Concise - in-person events

At Concise, we boost participant interaction and engagement by equipping each meeting attendee with an iPad customized with our Chime Live℠ event platform.  Because everyone has an iPad during the meeting presentations, your event is enhanced by engaging your audience in real time conversations. Participants can pinch, zoom and capture meeting content. This second screen interactive technology helps keep participants focused on the presentation. 

Chime Live features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session such as in case study environments.  Real time digital tools like feedback forms and surveys help planners gain an understanding of how a speaker is connecting with the audience, allowing content to be adjusted if necessary. 

It’s All About Networking

Networking tools such as a Connect and Messaging will facilitate professional exchange. Connect is our new recommendation engine that matches participants based on their common attributes. 

Participants create their personal profile in the Connect module or in the User Menu.  Recommended connections are offered using Chime Live’s matching algorithm, which finds the most similar attendees.

Plus, you can put agendas, presentations, bios, and more into participants’ hands. 

Attendees can even share the event experience live through social media channels such as Twitter, allowing engagement to extend well beyond the event itself. 

Chime Live for in-person meetings can keep audience members engaged while providing lots of useful data on attendee interest level, questions, and learning achieved. By increasing audience engagement, the overall level of event enjoyment is elevated. 

Our Chime Live engagement platform transforms the in-person, hybrid or virtual experience with a full-service end-to-end solution tailored to your event needs. 

Picture of a Concise Account Manager consulting with a Pharma client

Analytics Dashboard

Customers are going to love our analytics upgrades to Chime Live as now they will be able to get more live insights and directly access participant activity in real time on the dashboard. Plus, a history feature allows planners to look at a particular slice in time to get an overview of what was happening during the meeting. 

Hybrid Solutions

Did you know that Hybrid events often offer the best of both worlds?  Concise has been connecting in-person and virtual audiences with hybrid event production, allowing attendees to connect on their own terms, through their preferred medium and at their convenience.  

For those attending in-person, iPads can be used and remote attendees can join virtually. This solution may allow for the greatest number of participants to join the event.  With our new Chime Live release, we offer My Experience, in which participants will be able to choose the in-person or virtual experience.  In-room attendees won’t need the live stream, as they’ll be live in room, but they can switch to remote/virtual to access the live stream if they need to step out of the meeting room.  And via My Experience, planners can push content to live attendees and other content to remote attendees. 

Why Concise?

What makes Concise unique is that we provide white glove service throughout the entire journey.  

Our service component involves our onsite teams checking each iPad, making sure to follow safety protocols and being there to run the live show.  And onsite technicians can help with any platform support needs of attendees. 

Safety Protocols

Did you know that you are more likely to catch Covid-19 at your grocery store than at a 5,000-person event? 

According to new research by Epistemix, attending large in-person business events are safer than many daily activities and hosting events does not increase local Covid cases.  Why is this?  At any size event, more than 80% of attendees will be fully vaccinated.  Plus, cleaning protocols at events are more stringent than at home or restaurants. 

We’ve been working with customers to produce in-person events again over the last few months as live events are back by popular demand. And while there is still some uncertainty in the environment, there is good news.  In-person events are happening.  And we CAN meet safely.  Learn more here.  https://www.letsmeetthere.travel/white-paper 

Whether in-person, hybrid or virtual event, Concise is committed to providing you with a gathering that engages attendees in new and imaginative ways. 

Contact us about your upcoming meetings and how Chime Live can increase your customer interaction and engagement.  


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