As part of the Encore family, Concise brings together event strategy, platform, production and creative expertise.  We work directly with global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare clients or partner with their MedComms agencies to create and choreograph small, medium, and large-scale, multi-day meetings and events. 

Our Approach 

What sets us apart is our partnership approach – listening to what you want to achieve, understanding why that is important and working with you to achieve it.  We start with a conversation/workshop to understand event objectives and desired outcomes, then choreograph the experience. That’s what makes Concise unique. 

We drive the outcomes needed before, during and after an event, collaborating with clients to define what success looks like and delivering every meeting with measurable results.  We address concerns and share ways to minimize risk while ensuring all experiences are engaging, impactful and run smoothly. 

Picture of a Concise Account Manager consulting with a Pharma client

We Know the Industry 

At Concise, we understand the strict regulatory, compliance and security protocols that pharma and healthcare businesses operate under.  We keep up to date on the latest International Codes of Practice. 

We also understand that content approval via Veeva can be tricky, so we build timelines that accommodate pre-approval of a show and allow for last minute adjustments.  Remaining flexible and agile throughout the production lifecycle ensures all session content is compliant. 


White Glove Service 

We provide white-glove service aspect that customers like, with our onsite teams checking each iPad, making sure to follow safety protocols and being there to run the live show.   Plus, our on-site team can help with any platform support needs of attendees. 


Our Storytelling Engagement Platform – Chime Live 

The great thing about our Chime Live event solutions is that we can take any meeting and turn it into an invaluable, interactive experience from pre-event to post-event. 

To ensure engagement levels are high pre-event, give attendees access to the Chime Live platform where they can complete some assignments in advance of the meeting.  This helps our pharma clients measure participant’s knowledge, gauge opinions, and shape the final event. 

During the event, Chime Live features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and can be used in case study environments.  Real time digital tools such as feedback forms and surveys help planners gain an understanding of how a speaker is connecting with the audience, allowing content to be adjusted if necessary. 

Networking tools such as a Delegate Hub and Messaging will facilitate professional exchange. Plus, you can put agendas, presentations, bios, and more into participants hands. 

Post-event, planners can understand the success of the meeting as demonstrated by the data analytics.  Chime Live allows organizers to capture and identify the most influential delegates and discover what is working or not working at meetings.  

This type of feedback can also be invaluable in knowing the level of audience understanding and engagement.  Planners then gain insight to help prepare for the next meeting based on data driven decisions. 

Leading the Experience for Pharma Events 

Concise is a leader in pharmaceutical events whether it be in-person, virtual or hybrid.  Our Chime Live event platform and full production services can help you increase your audience interaction and engagement.   

Contact our team for 5-star event services.  


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