Virtual Event Production — End-to-End Service is Key

While we may be known for creating highly interactive and flexible event apps, customers mostly rave about the difference our people make. Clients appreciate the expertise, “can-do” attitude, and partnership approach of our team members. Now more than ever, we find that customers want white-glove, end-to-end service. They want to be able to pick up the phone and trust that we’ll help them achieve these better outcomes.

A Dedicated Production & Delivery Team

This seismic shift in the way meetings work has led us to further develop our virtual and hybrid events service. The diagram below highlights some of the key roles and their responsibilities involved in bringing your event to life. We’d like to introduce you to some of our team and how they make the magic happen.

Key support roles for virtual and hybrid events

Jo – Sales Director

From the first point of contact through to the final debrief, Sales Directors like Jo ensure you’re well looked after. She starts by listening to your objectives and asking the right questions to understand your desired event outcomes. Taking a consultative approach, she shares her expertise and demonstrates how our solutions can work to inform, engage, provide insight, and add value to you and your stakeholders. From here, she’ll put together a proposed approach and walk you through the details to ensure it reflects the desired outcomes.

Robbie – Virtual Event Producer

Our Virtual Event Producerscoordinate the right team and choreograph your show, minute-by-minute to ensure the right tempo and that your messages resonate. They build in opportunities to hear from your participants and to drive two-way conversations, which helps everyone get more from the meeting.

Virtual Event Producers are also responsible for running rehearsals with speakers and the delivery team, so everyone hits their cues and knows the contingency plans. Giving clear direction is key, so VEPs makes certain that everyone knows what’s expected of them and when. Presenters can focus on their content and getting the message across. Panelists will know when to speak and how to avoid speaking over each other, and Planners can focus on managing other aspects of the event, knowing the virtual event production and delivery is in capable hands.

Chime Project Managers will be there from start to finish — managing timelines, communicating throughout, overseeing the design, uploading content, and providing post-event data. The PM checks that everything is going to plan and manages all aspects of the Chime Live platform, including briefing the Chime Operator so the platform and live show run as one.

Serge – Creative Video Producer

Serge, a Creative Video Producer, crafts the pre-set layouts in our vision mixing studio that will be used during your live streamed content. This includes branded backgrounds, Picture-in-Picture layouts, lower thirds, 50/50s and panel views to enhance your content and elevate production values.

In this example, Serge also serves as Virtual Technical Manager, responsible for what is streamed to the live audience. As VTM, Serge supports clients by organizing the pre-designed layouts according to the Run of Show, switches between inputs on cue, controls video playback, and monitors audio levels during rehearsals and the live broadcast.

Will – Virtual Technical Manager

As the Virtual Stage Manager, Will controls the Zoom webinar during rehearsals and the live event. Will manages when the presenters or panelists appear on the virtual stage, letting them know when to start and stop their cameras and microphones. The VSM also operates Zoom webinar breakout sessions, when required.

User Support

You’ll also have a User Support team, heroes that work behind the scenes to trouble shoot misplaced login credentials, unsupported browsers, and other hiccups in a very human and responsive way. Hopefully, no one will need to call upon the team on event day but having them ready makes for a better participant experience should they be needed.

Driving Better Outcomes

Having a strong team with clearly defined roles and clear channels of communication is crucially important for a smooth-running virtual meeting, especially with remote audiences.

What this all really means is delivering a 5-Star Service. If you are ready for our team to help you with your virtual journey, get in touch today!


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