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"I love creating new ways for repeat clients to engage participants."

Our client was looking for fresh ways to engage and connect 200 global leaders at their 4 day annual meeting. The added challenge: participants spoke 8 different languages and were scheduled across multiple venues. No problem! Tierney, our talented Project Manager unlocked the solutions for success.

Tierney Bourke

Project Manager
The Challenge

We worked with a global customer that wanted to bring together their top 200 leaders from around the world over 4 days and across multiple venues. We were supporting the event with our Chime Live engagement platform on iPads for all the participants to use configured in 8 different languages. We’ve partnered with this client for a long time, and they’ve used Chime Live on iPads before, typically to share important event details like Agendas and Speaker Biogs, as well as to boost engagement with Networking, live Q&A, Polling, Word Clouds and Feedback Forms. But this year they wanted to do a brainstorming session to come up with new product ideas.  They wanted to do it in a way that would be really engaging and inclusive and actually create real change for the company.

The Solution

We collaborated with the client and came up with a Hackathon event: Participants were split into different teams in breakout rooms to brainstorm their ideas and create a pitch presentation.  Each group came up with a team name and submitted their slides to us. We quickly pulled each of the presentations into Chime Live and representatives from each team made their pitch to the collective. Each participant could see the presentations on their iPads and vote anonymously as well as give feedback on what qualities they liked in each pitch. We suggested repurposing our feedback forms, which are usually used for complaints about things like aircon, and edit the headings to fit the different topics the company wanted insights on.

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The Result

When everyone regrouped for the presentations, a representative from the team had a few minutes to pitch to the audience in English with live translations into the 8 languages.  At the end of each pitch everyone had to vote anonymously using their iPads and give their comments. So as not to sway the votes, the client wanted to keep the results a secret until the end after all the votes came in.  The top winners were announced and the teams brought on stage to receive special awards.

The client was thrilled with the result as it delivered on their objectives exactly as planned.  What was great is that people really enjoyed the experience and it made them genuinely bond with colleagues across the company that many had never met before. We found a unique way to repurpose our platform features to meet our client’s needs. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than collaborating with customers to come up with creative solutions.  We have a great team of experts and Chime Live is a really flexible digital tool that allows us to transform events and delight our clients.  Yup, we see solutions.  So go ahead, bring us your challenges. Contact our team to get started!

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