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Worried about managing remote speakers during a live virtual event?

Or, maybe you’re dealing with presenters and participants spread across multiple time zones?

With Chime On Demand, you can easily manage these challenges by incorporating pre-recorded video (or a combo of live and recorded video) into your event platform.

Convenience Increases Engagement

Start with an inviting and beautifully designed platform that supports your brand’s look and feel…and sets the stage for your virtual event.  Participants can access keynotes and presentations at their convenience.  Combined with supporting resources, polls, surveys, feedback and networking capabilities, Chime On Demand creates a great virtual conference experience for all.  

Various Ways to Access Your On-Demand Videos

The Chime On Demand format, allows participants to access videos tied to each topic and access speakers’ bios.

The format also works well for a series of events, so participants can view new videos each session and refer back to previous videos.

Video chaptering helps attendees navigate to key sections they may want to review.  And you can keep engagement levels high by integrating live polling and Q&A features.

Why Chime On Demand and Simulive Might be Right for Your Meeting:

  • Secure web platform (no downloads)
  • Pre-recorded keynotes and presentations
  • PDF Library of Resources
  • Feedback Forms
  • Polls & Quizzes
  • Networking Forums
  • Social Media Integration
  • Sponsor Pages

Experience our 5-star end-to-end service as we support your virtual journey.

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Simulive Case Study – Siguler Guff

Learn how Siguler Guff used a combination of pre-recorded presentations and live Q&A for their Annual Investor Conference.

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