With our calendars full of video conference calls, webinars and virtual happy hours, we’re all spending more time than ever in front of our screens.

Virtual events are convenient but may preset attendees with many distractions at the same time: While it may be easier to attend a virtual event, it’s also easier to leave one. Distraction is only one click away. Online audiences are value conscious, and they expect more—more interaction, more entertainment and more conversation.

Now more than ever, it’s vital that organisers invest in their virtual events, up the production values and boost the experience for their attendees. We’ve put together our top ten tips to help you elevate your next virtual event and keep your audience glued to the screen.

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Tip 1 -
Make It

...with Interactive Platforms

Hands holding a tablet with a Chime Live word cloud on screen

Audience Interaction

As any event organiser knows, it can be challenging enough to engage your attendees at your in-person event. When you move that experience online, you’re suddenly faced with a whole new level of distractions. Bursting inboxes, ever-scrolling social news feeds and online shopping are all just one click away. Utilise an interactive virtual event platform that includes advanced features enabling you to make your event as multi-faceted and engaging as an in-person equivalent.

Tip 2 -
Make It
Stand Out

...with Broadcast Studios

Camera screen showing presenter on broadcast studio stage

Ultimate Production Value

If you want to make your online experience stand out from the crowd, upping your production values are vital and studios are a great way to ensure the quality of your presentation. Broadcast Studios offer a premium level of quality and professionalism for your event. The environment is free of distractions and professionally equipped with branded LED backdrops, furnishings, stage lighting, microphones and broadcast quality cameras.

Tip 3 -
Make It

...with Remote Presenter Kits

Male using a remote presenter kit

Present Remotely

Another excellent way to boost the production value of your next virtual event is utilising Remote Presenter Kits. Not only do these kits remove many of the obstacles your presenters might face when remotely presenting at your event, they also optimise how they appear to your audience.

Our kits can be customised to your specific objectives and consist of easy-to-use lighting and audio equipment such as ring lights and USB mics, capture devices such as HD cameras and even backgrounds to further boost your environment. Even network cabling is considered to elevate your event and remove possible risk. And if you are located in a rural area where the bandwidth is not ideal, don’t worry we will bring the bandwidth to you. Used together, these kits provide an experience that is straight forward, professional and consistent for your presenters.

Tip 4 -
Make It
Larger Than Life

...with Mixed Reality

Male presenter interacting with Augmented Reality on a branded event stage

Bring Your Event To Life

Mixed Reality combines real-world experiences with people in non-real or virtual situations. This immersive technology is a great way to boost the imaginations of your virtual event attendees and bring an added dimension to what they are seeing and feeling. For example, do you want to launch a product but don’t have a physical prototype ready to go? Use mixed reality to showcase it!

Presenters can interact with 3D objects that can appear in the space, spin, or open up. You can even perform a parts explosion to show off specific product details. If you have tricky data to visualise in 2D, then bring it to life with mixed reality graphics that presenters can interact with in real-time. If you want to transport your presenters to other worlds to showcase your product, put them there with Mixed Reality technology.

Tip 5 -
Make It

...with Engaging Content

'Coming up...' message on a laptop screen

Content is King

Content is king when it comes to making sure that you get your message heard. In fact, with virtual events your content is one of the single most important considerations that will make or break your success. With all those at-home distractions we’ve talked about, you need to be able to grab your attendee’s attention and keep hold of it. That means there is much more pressure on your content to pack a punch.

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Now more than ever, it’s vital that organisers invest in their virtual events, up the production values and boost the experience for their attendees. Download our top ten tips to help you elevate your next virtual event and keep your audience glued to the screen.

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