From a remote Scottish Highlands setting to engaging 300+ high value guests.

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"I find joy in creatively conquering technical challenges."

A remote outdoor event in the beautiful Scottish highlands for 300 high-value guests? No problem. Jaz, our Associate Director of Project Management and event know-how extraordinaire, was ready to unlock the solutions for success. 

Jazmin Guinto

Associate Director, Project Management
The Challenge

The client really wanted to use an outdoor space at their venue in the remote Scottish Highlands – which, though absolutely beautiful – wasn’t intended to host meetings and lacked the wireless internet infrastructure to support the iPads for the event, let alone the 300+ guests bringing their own phones for personal use. The client was thinking of using the hotspots on their company phones but were worried about the high bandwidth charges associated with tethering. They were close to relocating their event indoors but luckily they talked to us about it. And because our team members are network plus certified, we knew exactly how to fix this!

The Solution

We used a state of the art 5G modem to send an internet signal to our own wireless network equipment – which we temporarily installed to cover the indoor bar and outdoor space. Then we used proprietary hardware to reduce the amount of data needed to go back and forth. This created a stable, low bandwidth, and more importantly private wireless network just for the event’s guests.

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The Result

The event went very smoothly and the client was really appreciative of the team’s expertise and ability to jump in and sort things out. All the presentations, polls, questions and feedback forms loaded just as planned with no frustrating lagtime which can derail engagement. And because we used Chime Live on our own network, the client and guests didn’t have to worry about their data security. They could just bask in the Scottish splendour and enjoy spinning around to the traditional music at the ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) party without tripping up over any Wi-Fi signal problems.

When you choose us, you don’t just get the iPads and the platform, you get a team of experts who will work with you to find solutions to your problems, sometimes saving you serious cash! So if you want to hold your Chime Live event in the wilds of Scotland or on a sunny California beach front, contact our team to talk about your objectives and challenges – as we see solutions!

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