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Date: January 1970

Choreographing Content for Three Regional Pharma Events

Concise was an excellent partner, both in their production expertise and service that was provided from initial planning to live event.


Concise and a leading MedComms agency partnered to create and choreograph a large-scale event for a pharmaceutical end-client. This was the first virtual event for the client and expectations for the meeting outcome were very high.

What started as discussions for one event with 500 attendees turned into three events to be held regionally in APAC, EMEA and the Americas/LATAM.  Thus, there were time zone and language challenges to overcome.  In addition, the event involved over 40 breakout sessions with participants required to meet in small groups twice during the sessions.  Plus, the pharmaceutical client had massive amounts of content to cover during sessions, so choreography help was a necessity.

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Concise worked closely with both the agency and the pharma client at every stage of planning and preparation to pace and choreograph the event appropriately.  To get engagement levels high pre-event, attendees were asked to access the Chime Live platform and complete assignments, including a patient case study.  This enabled the client to measure the participants’ learning and ensured participation would be at a high on show day.

Additionally, while the overall Chime Live platform branding was consistent in each region, Concise incorporated a translation support plug-in to ensure language was not a barrier to any attendee. Production teams in our London and New York offices were also utilised to work with speakers and participants to overcome time zone differences.

With the large number of breakouts, Concise ensured they ran smoothly by training agency personnel on handling Zoom controls and assisting speakers in switching from one Zoom session to the next.


The client was thrilled with the outcome of the event and felt that Concise and the MedComms agency successfully translated the meeting objectives and the overall vision into reality.

Easy access to the analytics for pre and post-event reporting added incredible value for the end client across all three events.

Concise went above and beyond to meet & exceed the needs of the client. Amazing job!

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