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Date: January 1970

Ardian Case Study

Simple. Powerful. Global. When you bring 80 presenters together from multiple countries and connect them to 350 key investors, that’s performance.


Private equity firm, Ardian, needed to accommodate more than 80 speakers, 350 remote investors globally, 13 pre-recorded presentations and 10 Q&A sessions in various time zones.


Concise partnered with Ardian and FinEvents to deliver a flawless event in a virtual setting using our Chime Live event platform. Concise managed the live production by mixing pre-records with live Q&A, creating a Speaker Connection Guide.  Post event presentations were hosted on the platform for on-demand viewing for a month to accommodate investors in different time zones.


Concise was able to successfully connect all 80 presenters from various offices in France, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Spain, Germany, US and UK with over 350 attendees globally.

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