A Return to In-Person Meetings

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Date: January 1970

A Return to In-Person Meetings

“Our client was thrilled to be back in-person as Chime Live really increased the interactivity during the meeting and generated valuable feedback.”


After putting their events on hold for over 18 months due to the pandemic, our long standing Financial Services clients wanted to to take a cautious approach before committing to a series of in-person events.  Our financial services client was curious as to what attendance would be like in the new “Covid” business environment.  If attendance met expectations, the client planned to roll out more robust, in-person events for 2022.  Safety protocols for the meeting were top of mind.


Held at a prestigious London hotel, each attendee was equipped with their own iPad tailored with the Chime Live engagement platform to use during presentations. To ensure everyone’s safety at the event, MeetSAFE protocols were put in place. Technicians sanitized each iPad once they were placed on the tables.  Delegates were required to return to the same seat and iPad after breaks to avoid people using multiple iPads.


While the client was anticipating 70 attendees, the number of participants totaled 200, which exceeded expectations.  The financial client was impressed with the safety protocols in place and is planning bigger events for 2022. 

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