Concise Group Earns FSQS Accreditation

July 1, 2021
News Release

Financial clients need secure event apps, so it’s important to routinely test and challenge the security and reliability of suppliers’ systems as part of their due diligence. 

Concise Group has a culture of transparency and commitment to compliance, so we’re proud to announce our Helios FSQS supplier accreditation, which recognizes the highest standards in security, quality, and innovation. 

 Phil O’Brien, CEO of Concise Group, said:

“The FSQS accreditation enables Concise to service an even broader range of financial services clients. We have a culture of transparency and being FSQS accredited demonstrates our commitment to compliance. The certification process is rigorous and proves Concise is a trustworthy name in the financial industry. We are delighted to have earned accreditation.”

(Updated from June 28, 2019)