Presenters Face Unique Challenges at Virtual and Hybrid Events

Even the most experienced presenters can feel out of their comfort zone. Planner relationships provide vital insights on presenters and help us shape a solution where everyone is confident and comfortable. We address each presenter’s specific needs, guiding them through the production, and may suggest pre-recording their content.

Broadcast Ready

It’s harder to be engaging on a small screen, so we advise presenters on techniques that achieve better results in this environment, providing voicework coaching and scheduling extra rehearsals where needed.

Male presenter on a stage addressing the audience

Chime Live Promotes Interaction

Our dynamic Chime Live platform provides many opportunities for presenters to virtually connect with participants. Our team can build Polling, Q&A and feedback sessions into the show, to promote interaction.


All presenters join an onboarding session to walk them through important technical knowledge they need for the show. We check that set-ups are professionally composed, well-lit and all potential risks are discussed and mitigated with back-up plans.

As the Chime Live event platform is managed by our event technicians, we can free presenters from unnecessary tech concerns, providing them with options such as comfort monitors to help them focus on their delivery.

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