A Choreographed Experience

Chime Live is a storytelling engine that’s fully-supported by our Event Producers and Project Managers who know how to shape the participant journey and drive the outcomes you need – before, during and after your event. 

We choreograph the participant experience to deliver engaging, transformative, and insightful meetings.  At moments that matter, our Chime Operators focus your audience on video streams and create engagement with interactive tools, right on cue.  And at other times, attendees are free to explore the platform for content and resources of interest.   

Set the Stage

We set the stage with a custom-branded platform designed to welcome participants, support registration and secure log-ins, deliver pre-event content, and offer social media, sponsor areas and networking opportunities.

Chime Live accommodates multiple languages and accessible design to be US ADA/508 compliant. Closed captioning and translation services are also available.

Bring Everyone Together

When it’s show time, the video stream starts, letting your presenters, panellists and their content take centre stage.  Chime Live overcomes the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together, whether they’re at home, at work or at the venue.

The speaker prep and technical rehearsals we do in advance put presenters and panellists in their best light.  In addition, your broadcasts are elevated with high production values from the vision mixing, motion graphics and other enhancements our production team contribute.

Attendee joined a virtual event from her laptop at home

Create Connections & Conversations

To start conversations and hear what your audience thinks, we build-in interactive moments where Polling, Heat Maps, Word Clouds, Q&A and Feedback Forms pop-up. It’s all designed to overcome distractions, keep participants engaged and ensure key messages resonate. 

Chime Live, Concise Group

Extend Engagement & Measure Results

Post-event, share recorded sessions for participants who missed or want to replay a session.  Chime Live is a hub where everything about your event is available in one convenient place.

Planners can also review Chime Live’s analytics to understand audience participation, questions asked, feedback, and report on results.


  • Live  or pre-recorded video streams appear on remote audience screens on cue
  • Polling pushed on screen at the right moments to maximize participant engagement
  • Give the audience an opportunity to Ask Questions and Upvote their favourite ones
  • Move remote participants from the main session to breakouts
  • Create opportunities for networking and orchestrated serendipity with Chat and Social
  • Capture Feedback
  • Allow participants to replay sessions On-Demand, view presentations and receive their Notes

Flexible for Your Needs

Chime Live is a flexible solution that’s ideal for the current working environment, where both live and pre-recorded video can be incorporated.  We can create standalone events or a series to keep engagement levels high and avoid “Zoom fatigue”.

We offer Chime On Demand and Simulive, which are ideal if your remote speakers are uncomfortable broadcasting live…or if you’re dealing with presenters and participants spread across multiple time zones.  (Learn how Siguler Guff used a combination of pre-recorded presentations and live Q&A for their Annual Investor Conference.)

With changing conditions impacting the events industry in different ways around the globe, we’re well adept at providing in-person, hybrid or virtual event options and contingency plans. 

Hybrid Ready

Most platforms simply take your in-room feed and broadcast it out to remote attendees.  Our Chime Live platform is built to be used everywhere, supporting multi-venue, as well as hub & spoke productions.  Chime Live Hybrid+ participants share a simultaneous, integrated experience through connected content, networking, and engagement.  This means interactive Polling, Q&A, and Forums are accessible and synched-up for all your participants.


Our Chime Live platform meets international WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

This means we can configure your content for Chime Live to provide a better experience for attendees with visual, auditory, cognitive and physical disabilities.

Join our upcoming Encore Professional EDge webinar to learn about ‘Creating an Accessible Meeting with Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Mind’.

The Chime Live event platform supports W3C 2.0 AA compliance