Join Our Webinar - Plan, Set, Show: Create a Seamless Event

Concise Team

Are ineffective processes holding you back? 

Join one of our upcoming webinars as Brandon Goodman, Senior Director of PSAV Project Management, discusses how to apply Six Sigma to event planning.  And learn principles to event planning and execution that will result in improved event design and implementation.

Register here for our sessions on May 26th or May 28th, 12:00 PM EST.

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    Join our Webinar - When Science and Events Combine: Adult Learning and Technology

    Concise Team

    How can you make more effective use of psychology principles at meetings and events?

    Hope Holm, Regional Sales Director at PSAV,  discusses how the right mix of science and technolgoy can ensure your conference messages are hitting the mark with attendees.

    Register for our webinar on May 19 or May 21 at 12 PM EDT.

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      JOIN OUR WEBINAR- Experience Design on Any Scale:  Go Beyond a Meeting Planner


      PROFESSIONAL EDGE WEBINAREver been called an "experience designer" instead of a meeting planner?

      How do you do it?  Where do you start?

      Join David Solsbery, Vice President Creative & Marketing at Hargrove, as he explores core strategies for designing events, omnichannel journeys, and environments that focus on attendee experiences.

      Register for our webinar taking place on May 14th at 12 PM EST.

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        JOIN OUR WEBINAR - Education & Engagement for Modern Times

        Concise Team

        EDUCATION & ENGAGEMENT FOR MODERN TIMES Webinar with Debra MategranoWe hear a lot of buzz around the need to use technology to attract and engage Millennials and Gen Z'ers.

        In reality, technology has changed the way everyone learns, increasing the need for more engaging and interactive sessions.

        It all starts May 7th at 12pm EST. 

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          JOIN OUR WEBINAR - Trends, Tech, Futures: Trending Pathways

          Concise Team

          Professional EDge webinar with Christian Wright on Technology Trends April 28 & 30, 2020Are you up to speed on the latest tech trends to make your meetings more impactful? 

          Register for our webinar on April 28 & 30 before 11 am EST.

          Join Christian Wright, Director, Research & Development, PSAV, Product Management as he shares an insightful presentation covering tech-forward meeting trends, preparing event professionals for the rapid change inherent in the industry. 

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            #MeetingsWork - We’re Ready to Create Impactful Experiences for You

            Concise Team

            PSAV Industry Advocacy CampaignThe meeting and events industry is facing an unprecedented situation.

            With the inability to gather in-person, the industry we know and love is demonstrating tremendous feats of creativity – quickly pivoting and adapting to new technology.

            Despite the current environment, our industry shows resilience.

            We align our purpose to show that we are stronger together.

            Join the PSAV companies, Meetings Mean Business, and the Events Industry Council on social media with  #MeetingsWork

            Meetings and events are a global economic powerhouse. And while in-person meetings have been impacted, our industry is adjusting to support clients and return to a healthy and thriving global economy.

            PSAV family of companies logos

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