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Traditional, paper-based AGMs can be extremely wasteful, with hundreds of pages of reports to print at short notice, along with voting forms. The governance team at CBI was determined to find a less time- and resource-intensive solution – that’s where Concise came in.


With four weeks to go until the AGM, Concise repackaged the organisation’s online reports to give the audience access to them via our iPads on the day of the event. We also set up voting protocols, enabled participants to ask questions anonymously, and devised a feedback form to help with planning next year’s meeting. And because all audience interaction during the meeting was recorded via the app, the client could access voting data and feedback in a handy electronic format immediately after the event.


The AGM went without a hitch, and audience feedback on the new system was uniformly positive. The client was able to fulfil statutory requirements for the meeting with no wastage on printing and paper, and participants enjoyed more efficient, confidential voting and feedback mechanisms.

Thank you for making our transition from paper to digital AGM so smooth. It was a really positive change and a much more efficient use of our time and budget – we’re delighted with the results. It was also very useful to get the data so quickly after the event.

Head of Governance, CBI


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