Lippman Connects for ECEF



Over 200 C-level event industry leaders came together at the Exhibition & Convention Executive’s Forum (ECEF) to network, discuss innovative growth strategies, learn ways to keep events relevant, and how to increase ROI. 

Seasoned C-level event professionals look to Lippman Connects as a trusted resource for exploring new business models, innovative growth strategies, disruptive trends, and executive-level research findings. With this reputation to uphold, Lippman Connects worked with PSAV (our parent company) to take ECEF to a the next level. As it was imperative to deliver an engaging and relevant events for these busy C-level leaders, PSAV pulled in Concise to build a customized app, to take audience engagement to a higher level.

"Having the presentation on iPads with Word Clouds and Polling increased audience engagement and interactivity, providing immediate insights to our speakers, while the Feedback and other analytics will help us plan for next year."

"It's not easy impressing the ECEF audience because they've 'been there and done that'
– but Chime did just that."

Sam Lippman, President & Founder, Lippman Connects


We recommended our Chime Complete interactive event app, tailored with features relevant for this audience. Chime’s Word Cloud was the most notable and widely leveraged tool, helping speakers identify key insights and shape their presentations accordingly.

The Multiple Choice Polling functionality enabled attendees to easily respond to the speaker’s questions directly on their iPads, and then immediately see collective audience results appear on the main stage screen. Most importantly, these polling responses helped the speakers better understand the audience’s perspectives and adapt their presentations accordingly.


Audience members were very impressed with the level of interactivity and fluidity that Concise’s iPad technology provided. 

Lippman Connects was provided with a final data report to share the overall audience participation, gauge the temperature of speaker engagement, and help increase ROI. Concise also helped Lippman Connects look at the polling results by segment, filtering data to help identify any differences between Associations and Independents for future event planning. 

Overall, Lippman Connects received overwhelmingly positive audience feedback about ECEF (see video). Lippman Connects plans to utilize Concise again in 2019, and use additional Chime features such as Upvoter (which allows the audience to vote on questions to prioritize them).

Concise was a great partner – they listened to our needs and designed an app just for
ECEF and we look forward to working with them again

– Sam Lippman, President & Founder, Lippman Connects