AVEC, AV Executive Conference

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The 200 senior management participants come from systems integration, design consultancies and live events firms tasked with communicating the strategic direction of their organization.

Seasoned C-level executives from the AV industry have high expectations when it comes to production values and the latest event technology. Putting together a conference that keeps this audience's attention and engagement can be a tall order.  Success would mean creating a meaningful dialogue between the presenters and their audience, as well as between attendees.


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Attendees used live-polling throughout the event. Polling results from day-one were shared on day-two, showing participants the audience's overall reactions and opinions about the content and speakers in each session.

Two Word Cloud questions were book-ended at the start and conclusion of AVEC. Both questions asked participants for one word to describe “how they were feeling” to gauge the effectiveness of the event. Eleven Pop-Up feedback questions were posed to the attendees throughout the course of the event to rate the speakers, content and curiosity factor going into the breakout sessions.

Push Notifications were also used to alert participants about filling out the feedback forms and taking their iPads with them to the next session. 


The data captured showed that AVIXA received 1.5x more responses than in 2017.

Attendees were impressed with the interactivity of the Polling feature and the Pop-Up Feedback forms which allowed them to provide their immediate reactions after each presentation. Multiple comments in the post-event Feedback Report indicated that participants wanted even more opportunities for engagement. 

From the 2018 data we provided, AVIXA created a comprehensive report illustrating how effective the Chime interactive technology was in comparison to using hand-written surveys in years past. The report also highlighted stand-out comments and reflections from the attendees’ perspectives on what worked and what could be improved for AVEC 2019. 

"After a mediocre experience with another provider's BYOD app, we were looking for the right technology to enhance the executive conference experience. Concise's combination of dedicated iPad and custom Chime app was a huge hit with our executive attendees."

– Annette Robertson, Director of Content Development, AVIXA


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