Siguler Guff



Due to the global onset of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders firmly in place, Siguler Guff's 2020 Annual Investor Conference in NYC would not be able to take place as originally planned.

Our client needed to quickly pivot from a live meeting with 200 investors attending a virtual one with participants, as well as presenters joining remotely.


As Chime event app clients for the past 5 years, Siguler Guff hoped to create the same live, intimate connections between speakers and their audiences...with everyone joining from the safety of their own homes.

...Oh, and the event was scheduled to take place in about 2-1/2 weeks. 

Concise partnered with Siguler Guff to understand their objectives, agenda, format and special requirements.

We then designed the app and advised on ways to keep engagement levels high throughout the meeting.


Siguler Guff wanted a combination of live and recorded elements, with the ability to view presentations and listen to the speaker commentary within the live stream. Audience members were able to request specific presentations and fill out Feedback forms through the Chime Live app.

Virtual Stage Management

Most importantly, engagement between attendees and speakers was carefully choreographed using the "Ask a Question" feature. Following each pre-recorded session, our stage management team ran a live streamed Q&A panel. Questions were shared with our client who was able to moderate incoming questions and send them to the panelists for response.


Siguler Guff was delighted with the event outcome, rating our service a 10 out of 10!  Jackie Battista, Principal of Investor Relations at Siguler Guff shared this feedback: “Sarah, Fernando, and Robbie – We have had nothing but great experiences with Concise for the last five years now. We put a lot on your team and you all did an AMAZING job.”

The client felt the Chime Live service provided the best solution possible to accomplish their event objectives, from the platform design through to the live production management.

At the event’s conclusion, Concise quickly provided Siguler Guff with their post-event data package – including specific attendance analytics, presentation requests, feedback, and a record of all questions asked through the platform.  Concise also shared full, chaptered video recordings of each session, allowing the client to share the day’s live material with investors who were unable to attend.

"Given these unprecedented times, we needed to switch our in-person investor conference to a virtual format. Chime Live allowed us to put forth a professional looking virtual event for our investors."

— Jackie Battista, Principal - Investor Relations, Siguler Guff