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Whenever you are planning for an event your main concern, as an event organiser, is that it goes well without any issues, meets all its objectives and is a roaring success. Laing Gale & Associates have been working in the events industry for many years and with an enviable reputation in the market place they are constantly striving to be the best.

We were approached, as a long-standing partner of LGA, to work closely on a prestigious event to be held in January 2017. The event was a General Managers’ Conference and involved some bespoke development work that gathered in-depth delegate analysis that enabled their client to glean key data from their regional managers. This data would help inform the planning and development for 2018 and beyond.

We asked Jeff Gale, Account Director, a few questions about the event and why they choose to partner with Concise. 


What was your team’s experience with event applications via phone or iPads prior to using Concise? 

Over the years our ideas have evolved as technology has moved on.  In the early days we would use wired handsets to take a measurement/result on a series of delegate questions.  Today we have not used phone apps at a conference but prefer using iPads, they are easier and are more versatile.

Were there any specific problems with guest engagement you were looking to solve by using Concise at this event?

Using iPads was very easy.  Delegates recognise an iPad and are intrigued with the various activities created on it – it is also incredibly intuitive to use.


Please share any benefits—qualitative and quantitative—the solution has already brought to your most recent event. (I know we created a few bespoke features for this event in particular).

As you mentioned, we had two special apps created that produced a unique result for each individual delegate.  This not only enabled a facilitated Q&A to take place but the captured information is then sent to the delegates for further reference beyond the event.

What is your favourite feature or part of our product?

The simplicity of its set up and the managed service, Chime Complete, takes away any hassle.

What three words would you use to describe your experience of working with Concise?

Understands our business!

Jeff Gale - Account Director