Fung Foundation



Continuing the Fung Foundation’s tradition for innovation and experimentation, we worked closely with the team to provide a combined event materials and interactive application for their global gathering of international students, the ‘Fung Scholars’ Event’ in Hong Kong.


Upon arrival each student was given an iPad with personalised log-in to our bespoke Event App. Our secure local network covered both the plenary room and two breakout rooms, where students gave live feedback. ‘Two-way conversation’ was the theme of the day with speakers introducing new modules with ‘Polling’ and ‘Word cloud’ features; the results displayed in real-time on the main screen, giving speakers continuous insight into their views and helping to form the agenda.


The engaged and lively audience really benefitted from real-time conversation enabled by our Event App.

“This is the first time we used iPads at our Conference. The interactive functions of the Event App engaged the participants to be more active at the conference. The team are professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Great to work with.”

Program Officer, Fung Foundation


  • Push presentation
  • Ask a question
  • Polling/Voting
  • Word cloud
  • Feedback form
  • GuestList App