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The American Academy of Dermatology’s 2019 Annual Meeting is planned to comprehensively address the nine content areas within the Dermatologic Core Curriculum and provide dermatology health care professionals with high-quality educational opportunities to optimize their knowledge, competence, and performance.

In a bid to modernize this important educational session at the event, Concise were asked to replace the cumbersome Microscopes with iPads and present the learning materials in a digital platform, allowing attendees to complete a virtual dermatopathology and multiple choice exam.  Concise recommended the Chime Complete App

The iPads and platform were supported by our Private Wifi Network, Secure Onsite Server and our experienced onsite Project Managers and Technicians.

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Assessment takers were able to navigate the Chime app to easily find each image as it corresponded to questions. Their experience was enhanced with the native Pinch and Zoom functionality the iPad brings.

Because each image was readily available on the Chime app, attendees could spend more time analyzing each image and thinking about the right answer.

Instead of unloading and reloaded glass slides onto the Microscope, attendees were also able to take the test at a less stressful pace. Above all, Concise were able to support AAD and this long-standing event in a modern way which is attractive to digitally native audience and supports their drive to continually evolve the program and outreach.


Our clients at the AAD also benefited greatly from this approach through time and cost savings. Sourcing, delivering, unpacking, preparing and carefully removing 250 microscopes is a huge amount of work. Add this to the 250 slide trays and 15,000 slides that would have had to have been prepared and loaded too, Switching to images on iPads made a significant difference. 

Furthermore, because Concise’s onsite team is geared to support last minute changes, we were able to accommodate a fairly fluid rehearsal day with images being swapped out and content reordered to match the final flow of the assessment.

"Using the iPad/Concise technology for the AAD’s digital slide courses allowed for our attendees to truly have a real life experience on how they will use digital slides in their offices. This insures that the AAD is keeping up with the most current technology for our AAD members."

Debra Barrett, CMP - Senior Manager, Meetings and Conventions