BNP Paribas Investment Partners



BNP Paribas Investment Partners wanted to engage the audience at their ‘Partners in a Changing World’ event in Osaka, Japan, by transforming both the presentation and response mechanisms for this event.  


We built a branded Event App which combined both the event information and the audience response system in one tool. ‘Ask a question’ sessions had immediacy, as both Q and A were posed in real-time. Each attendee was able to view the plenary presentations, slide-by-slide on their iPad screen; ‘pushed’ by the presenter-led main screen content.


This provided the experience of a one-on-one session across the audience of 160, without sacrificing the presenter’s control - A truly engaging and interactive audience experience.


  • Welcome
  • Biographies
  • Push presentation
  • Adsk a question
  • Gallery
  • Agenda
  • Voting/Polling