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Each year we help deliver 700+ events in 100+ countries; a large proportion of which are in theatres, hotels and events spaces. A remote beach resort in the heart of Brazil though? This was an unusual and not unwelcome challenge set to us by a well-known Financial Services multinational for their ‘Family enterprise’ event.


The agenda focused primarily on how to ensure a business remains sustainable over multiple generations. Despite the location and lack of wifi, our totally secure network ensured guests could take part in live polling and Q&A sessions with speakers through their bespoke Event App.


Our client was able to collect feedback from each guest – proving the system’s reliability even in the most unlikely of circumstances. The event was flawless, delivering a fully branded, interactive experience to every attendee…even on the beach.


  • Agenda
  • Biographies
  • Push presentation
  • Gallery
  • Polling/Voting
  • Word cloud
  • Feedback form
  • Ask a question