Private Equity International

Financial Services


PEI's Annual Forum brings together senior finance and operations executives from the world’s foremost private equity and Venture Capitalist firms to network, learn and share ideas. At the Plaza Hotel in NYC, the two-day event comprised a general session in the classic grand ballroom and breakout sessions. 


Our secure network covered the whole space to ensure the audience was engaged in live discussion no matter where they were, and all data was captured. The main stage hosted facilitated debate and ‘Ask a question’ was key in generating the on-stage panel discussion topics. Despite traditional microphones being available, almost all audience questions were sent to the panel on stage via the Event App. 


Results were outstanding: 175 questions were generated in total; an average of 25 per breakout session. The ‘Polling’ function was used continuously and we updated the agenda on-site. When attendees were asked ‘How would you rate the iPad experience?’, ‘Excellent’ was the dominant result.


  • Agenda
  • Event information
  • Biographies
  • Notes
  • Ask a question
  • Polling/Voting
  • Word cloud
  • Peer to peer messaging
  • Gallery