Tips for using a Pre-Event App or Welcome Pack

Communicating logistics, agendas, and other useful information is a critical part of holding a successful event, and using event tech provides continued value to attendees before they arrive and throughout the event.  Both organisers and attendees can benefit.  Here are a few things you can plan in advance:

1.  Streamline your event from start to finish

A Welcome Pack App should be customized to your branding, be intuitive to use and be organized so it sets the right tone for your event.  Additionally, a Welcome Pack can reduce your overall conference prep time.  No more sending out kits by post or email - how often do the attachments get stuck in spam or blocked? An email with a link can give attendees full access 24/7.  Last minute changes can be updated in the Welcome Pack instantly.  For meeting organizers incoming calls from attendees should reduce as they will have all their essential information and more in the Welcome Pack App. Sounds like the run up to your event just became simpler!

2.   Create Buzz

Using a Welcome Pack App, you can highlight speaker biographies and drive excitement pre-event.  You can also collect pre-event questions to tee up the speaker on relevant attendee topics to tackle.  Surveys can be created and sent through a push notification with a link to it via the app, and you can populate a discussion board with topics to encourage debate and discussion.

3.  Paperless is more than a ‘buzzword’, it's the way to go

For attendees and presenters, a Welcome Pack App conveniently puts everything they need at their fingertips.  Rather than spend time researching logistics pre-event, being handed a packet of paper at registration, or having to weed through their email inbox upon arrival, your conference attendees can have access to logistical information about the venue on their smartphones before they arrive on site.  Attendees can keep up to date on the meeting agenda and receive notifications on any last minute conference changes.

As an added bonus, a Welcome Pack App can be loaded with venue and city maps, off site activities, restaurants, points of interest and other guides – in an all round paperless solution. 

Welcome Pack Bios Surveys Logistics w Captions

4. Facilitate Networking

A great feature to look for in a Welcome Pack App is the ability to pre-arrange networking with other attendees.  The Delegate Hub feature can allow attendees to network outside of meeting sessions. A feature that enables attendees to take control of their own profile (e-business card) including information about themselves and who they want to meet, can be an unexpected bonus for your guests.  

Sounds great, right?  Take a look at the Concise Welcome Pack App - it has been designed with the attendee experience at the top of the list, and to top it off the meeting organiser also has a really great time too.  And, it's a perfect compliment to our flagship Chime Complete app.

Contact us to check out how you can drive excitement and make conference logistics simple for your attendees.