Adding our new Upvoter feature to your event app enables your audience to view questions submitted by time or popularity, with the most recent or most popular rising to the top of the list. The latter gives speakers a quick way of knowing what’s really on the mind of the people in the room.

This feature has multiple benefits. It provides visibility to the audience of all approved questions submitted and saves participants time by not having to type a question already asked.  It encourages the audience to participate in Q&A sessions, increasing engagement, inclusiveness and transparency. 

It ensures the conversations in Panel sessions move in the direction that the group wants and reassures an audience that leaders are interested in their views, which encourages adoption of the app as a channel.

Post-event, being able to review all questions and understand which questions received the highest votes and interest levels can help steer wrap-up letters and personal follow-ups. The Q&A sessions become measurable and indicative of the group's collective views.Contact us to find out more about the Chime Event apps or or book an online demo.